A Handful of Pebbles

Theological Liberalism and the Church

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General Theology, Church Issues/Unity

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May 31, 2008

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At first sight in Peter Barnes’ book, A Handful of Pebbles, the word ‘liberalism’ does not seem threatening in any way. Quite the reverse, it is often associated with ideas like ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’ and ‘generosity of spirit’. However, there is something quite sinister about ‘theological liberalism’; although not a well-defined term, it usually refers to a belief system which rejects the orthodox view of the Christian faith as set out in the Bible, and summarized in the church’s historic creeds and confessions.

This book traces the origins and development of theological liberalism and convincingly demonstrates what a dangerous and destructive thing it is to the Christian church. The author shows that a battle continues to rage today, not between two varieties of true Christianity, but between truth and error, light and darkness, good and evil.


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Publisher’s Note vii
1 What Is Theological Liberalism? 1
2 Warnings in the Bible 7
3 A Brief History of the Rise of Liberalism 15
4 The American Fundamentalist Controversy 37
5 Neo-Orthodoxy 41
6 After Neo-Orthodoxy 45
7 Key Doctrines 51
8 How Should a Christian Respond to Theological Liberalism? 75
For Further Reading 83
Index of Names 85


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