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This is the complete 14 volume set of sermons on Romans by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. All over the world in the most diverse situations are to be found Christian men and women who owe an incalculable debt to the ministry of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who for thirty years was the minister of Westminster Chapel, London. His longest series of expositions was this 14 volume set of Romans, the greatest of New Testament Epistles.

Just as Lloyd-Jones’ public ministry stood out as widely different from contemporary preaching, so his Romans came into bookshops with an appeal that took many by surprise. Not a few thought that the nature of his pulpit ministry would inhibit its continuance on paper – ‘He needed to be heard, not read.’ But those of that opinion were mistaking where his real strength lay. First of all, it lay in the truth he was speaking, not in its delivery. Further, his whole view of preaching meant that he addressed himself to the heart and conscience, as well as to the mind, and sermonic material of that kind has never failed to hold readers as well as hearers. Time was to prove that his message would reach far larger numbers by his books than had ever been possible even in his widespread ministry. The books would also go into any languages and his Romans would be read by thousands, in nations from Brazil to Korea.

Sinclair Ferguson on Romans by Lloyd-Jones

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  1. JJD

    How many became Saints as a result of this epistle. Augustine, Wesley and Luther. Tyndale writes the following
    “This epistle is the principal and most excellent part of the new testament, and most pure evangelion, that is to say glad tidings and what we call the gospel, and also a light and a way in unto the whole scripture … The sum and whole cause of the writings of this epistle, is, to prove that a man is justified by faith only: which proposition whoso denieth, to him is not only this epistle and all that Paul writeth, but also the whole scripture, so locked up that he shall never understand it to his soul’s health. And to bring a man to the understanding and feeling that faith only justifieth, Paul proveth that the whole nature of man is so poisoned and so corrupt, yea and so dead concerning godly living or godly thinking, that it is impossible for her to keep the law in the sight of God” The Doctor blesses us with his exposition of the greatest of the epistles. The Way, the Truth and the Life is indeed glorified in this exposition.

  2. Christa

    I can’t tell you what this series has meant to me as a former Roman Catholic: it opened up an entirely new world for me and changed my life. I understand now and appreciate deeply what Romans meant to Luther and Calvin and why the gates of Paradise opened for Luther after meditating on Romans. Do you think I ever studied Romans as a Roman Catholic? I understand now why this is Paul’s magnum opus. I can’t heap enough praise and gratitude upon Dr. Lloyd-Jones and Banner of Truth for publishing this series: what a blessing it has been in my life. If you don’t know Romans or Martyn Lloyd-Jones, start here. This series has just been foundational in my life as a Christian. Don’t be intimidated by it or by the Doctor’s title of “doctor”: he is so down-to-earth and approachable, and he takes you through it so slowly, so you can take it all in. Dr. Lloyd-Jones is a literature major’s dream with his close reading of the text and the practical questions that he asks: he truly was a modern-day Puritan, and I believe the Puritan giants would have appreciated him among their fellowship. I can’t recommend this series highly enough nor urge you enough to read it. My favorite volumes are on Chapters 1, 6, and 8: those were the most decisive and life-changing volumes for me.

  3. Daniel

    I received this set last year for Christmas and the expositions of gospel truth found in these volumes are undoubtedly priceless gems. The Gospel is a diamond that shines its full glory from all sides and Martyn Lloyd-Jones does a Spirit filled work by showing us the glory of the gospel through Christ Jesus our Lord.
    We will forever be captivated by the gospel and this beautiful exposition work on Romans let’s us go into that holy place; the place we will forever be as we bask in the glory of God through Christ for all eternity.

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