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Oct 1, 1966

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Geneva Series of Commentaries


‘Very precious, Mr. Andrew Bonar has a keen eye for a typical analogy, but he always keeps the rein upon his imagination, and is therefore safe to follow. He is a master in Israel.’ — C. H. SPURGEON

Book Description

Leviticus is one of the least read and understood parts of Scripture. Yet, the author of this commentary points out, no book in the Bible contains more of the very words of God than Leviticus.

Bonar wrote his notes on Leviticus for his personal use, but was persuaded to publish them by friends. His commentary, though based on sound exegesis, is marked by simplicity. The author is always careful to make spiritual application, for, as he says, ‘The Gospel of the grace of God, with all that follows in its train, may be found in Leviticus. This is the glorious attraction of the book to every reader who feels himself a sinner.’

Christ in the Book of Leviticus

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  1. T. L. Jones

    This is the most edifying commentary on Leviticus you likely will ever read. Bonar was a saintly scholar; he deals with exegetical matters, yet always with a deeply devotional focus. Bonar brings the book to life by showing the fulfillment of every sacrifice and ritual in in life and work of Christ.

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