John E. Marshall

Life and Writings

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Jan 1, 2005


20th century, Pastoral Biography

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‘Who would ever forget that inimitable style of preaching that was his? He will be sorely missed by all who love the truths to which he witnessed so faithfully and enthusiastically. When one heard him one wanted to glorify the Lord. His closing sermon at the Banner Conference [2003] was an inspiration and encouragement to us all.’ — REV. DAVID ELLIS

‘John was such a warrior – and now he has placed his sword in tribute at Christ’s feet. Yet to me on a personal level he was full of kindness, friendship, encouragement, full of good fun, full of a seriousness of spirit that was a model to me.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON

‘I considered John one of my close friends. We shared many of the same desires for the kingdom of God. He had a wonderful catholic spirit and a heavenly zeal for God’s truth and the propagation of it. He had a compassionate heart for poor lost sinners.’ — REV. ERNEST C. REISINGER

‘John Marshall was a “character” in the best sense, robust and manly yet with the simplicity of a child…I don’t know that I will ever forget his closing address at this year’s Leicester Conference [2003]…few sermons have touched me more…Will we ever see his like again?’ — REV. J. PHILIP ARTHUR

Book Description

History reveals that a change took place in the Christian church in the middle of the 20th century. Long decades of liberalism and Arminian evangelicalism gave way to a recovery of biblical truth.

The outstanding figure in this recovery was Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. During his long ministry God was at work in the lives of several young men, bringing them to faith in Christ and to an understanding of the doctrines of grace. The vision they developed for reformation and revival forged them into a kind of ‘Puritan brotherhood’.

Among them was John Marshall, the story of whose life reflects these changes. He was brought up in the days when liberal theology prevailed in the mainstream denominations and colleges. Soundly converted during his student days at Oxford, he immediately entered into the conflict that comes with standing for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Led gradually to a deeper understanding of and love for the Reformed Faith, he devoted his life to the recovery of truth and godliness in church and nation.

The biography covers the early influences that shaped John’s future ministry, his struggles in the pastorate, his open-air preaching, his emergence as a leader in the work of the Banner of Truth Trust, his wider conference ministry, and his uncompromising stand for the truth. New light is shed on his pioneering work in bringing encouragement and sound teaching to Christians in Eastern Europe and Russia.

The writings give an indication of the breadth of his interests, his grasp of Reformed theology, and his pastoral concerns.


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1 Childhood in Chingford 3
2 Student at Oxford 9
3 The Call to Hemel Hempstead 15
4 Marriage and Family Life 25
5 The Wider Ministry 33
6 Ventures into Eastern Europe 43
7 Preacher and Pastor 57
8 The Last Battle 71
1 John Rogers: Proto-Martyr of the English Reformation 89
2 The Puritan Woman 107
3 Walter Marshall and Sanctification 135
4 Thomas Scott and The Force of Truth 173
5 'Rabbi' Duncan and the Problem of Assurance 185
6 The Christian and Mental Illness 235
7 The Prophet Balaam 261
8 Slaying Giants: 1 Samuel 17:42-47 281


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