Originally published: 1867

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the doctrine of justification

The Doctrine of Justification

An outline of its history in the Church and of its exposition from Scripture

by James Buchanan

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‘The value of this book today is that it will help us to understand this message better, and so to preach it in [a] full and comprehensive way..’ -PACKER

Cover image of Psalms by Plumer


a critical and expository commentary with doctrinal and practical remarks

by William S. Plumer

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In Psalms, Plumer gives both exposition and doctrinal and practical remarks and presents in readable form a great wealth of material. Clothbound. 1216 pp.

Call To Prayer
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Encourages the practice and privilege of private prayer, pointing out the blessings of prayer and the grave dangers of prayerlessness. 32pp.

Showing all 3 results