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image of the Works of William Bridge

price $110.00
Avg. Rating


Book Description ‘Times of difficulty and of persecution have always been seasons in which God’s ministers shine with greatest lustre.’ These words from the memoir of Bridge contained in these collected Works of William Bridge serve to remind readers of the context in which William Bridge lived and worked. Born in Cambridgeshire around 1600, Bridge […]

image of the book Theodore Beza

Theodore Beza

The Counsellor of the French Reformation

by Henry Martyn Baird

price $22.40


Book Description Theodore Beza’s course of activity was, in the words of the author, ‘long and brilliant.’ He presided over the Reformed church in the French-speaking countries of Europe for many years, and was its recognized counsellor and leader in times of peril. His friendship with John Calvin, and also with the French king, Henry […]

image of Thomas Charles' Spiritual Counsels

Thomas Charles’ Spiritual Counsels

Selected From His Letters and Papers by Edward Morgan

by Thomas Charles

price $24.00
Avg. Rating


Selections from the letters and papers of the 18th-century minister of Bala in North Wales, with a biographical sketch by Iain H. Murray. 520pp.

smooth stones image

Smooth Stones taken from Ancient Brooks

Selections from the writings of Thomas Brooks by C.H. Spurgeon

by Thomas Brooks

price $8.00


A collection of sentences, illustrations, and quaint sayings gathered by C. H. Spurgeon from Brooks’ Works. 216pp.

image of the alexander moody stuart book
price $27.00


UPCOMING RELEASE Endorsements ‘There are few ministerial biographies that are better worth reading than Moody Stuart’s Life by his son.’ — PRINCIPAL JOHN MACLEOD in Scottish Theology ‘I know not a greater master in spiritual analysis.’ — DR JOHN ‘RABBI’ DUNCAN (1796-1870) ‘Few were honoured to wield an influence so profound and far-reaching.’ — Address […]

image of 'The Upper Room' by Ryle

The Upper Room

Being a Few Truths For the Times

by J. C. Ryle

price $23.20
Avg. Rating


Sermons and lectures which exhibit Ryle’s robust evangelical doctrine and down-to-earth application, with a contemporary ring. 464pp.

book of comfort for those in sickness cover image
price From: $6.00


Endorsements ‘A short but powerful little book that does exactly what it claims—it offers comfort to those who are sick and suffering…I went through this book with pencil and highlighter in-hand and relished every page. There is so much I want to go back to and to reflect on further. But even with a single, […]

cover image for the book Select Practical Writings by Traill
price From: $5.40


Book Description Robert Traill (1642–1716) lived to span the ripest period of the Puritan age. Distinguished in the classes of Edinburgh University, Traill early felt the inner constraint to preach Christ. Although he was endowed with a first-class mind and had enjoyed a very complete theological education, Traill was above all a preacher and a […]

image of the book Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul
price $10.80
Avg. Rating


Practical, biblical counsel for those who have lost their decisive commitment to the Lord. 208pp.

image of the book thoughts on religious experience clothbound
price From: $13.50
Avg. Rating


Deals with the subjective work of the Holy Spirit in the heart, in all its phases, from the new birth until final preparation for heaven. 368pp.

image of the Brownlow North Biography

Brownlow North

His Life and Work

by K. Moody Stuart

price From: $13.00


Endorsements ‘This arresting account of Brownlow North’s life and work recalls one of the greatest evangelists of the nineteenth century.’ — REFORMED EVANGELICAL REVIEW ‘Biography is essential to the diet of the Christian reader and this is of the finest. Warmly written, it is refreshing to read, depicting afresh the power of the gospel in […]

image of the Works of Robert Traill

price $39.00
Avg. Rating


Book Description Friend‌ of‌ William‌ Guthrie‌ of‌ ‌Fenwick,‌ attendant‌ of‌ James‌ Guthrie‌ of‌ Stirling‌ on‌ the‌ scaffold,‌ son‌ of‌ the‌ Greyfriars‌ Church‌ manse‌ where‌ the‌ 1638‌ National‌ Covenant‌ was‌ signed,‌ Scot‌ ordained‌ in‌ England,‌ exile‌ in‌ Holland,‌ prisoner‌ on‌ the‌ Bass‌ Rock,‌ scholar,‌ preacher,‌ and saint — Robert Traill lived to span‌ the‌ ripest‌ period‌ […]

cover image for The Way Of Life by Charles Hodge

The Way of Life

Christian Belief and Experience

by Charles Hodge

price From: $12.00


Book Description ‘It is one of the clearest principles of Divine revelation, that holiness is the fruit of truth; and it is one of the plainest inferences from that principle, that the exhibition of the truth is the best means of promoting holiness. Christians regard the word of God as the only infallible teacher of […]

cover image for The Pastor of Kilsyth by Isaly Burns

The Pastor of Kilsyth

The Life and Times of W. H. Burns

by Islay Burns

price From: $10.00
Avg. Rating


Endorsements ‘One of the best Scottish ministerial biographies.’ — IAIN H. MURRAY Book Description The Pastor of Kilsyth introduces us to the life and ministry of William Hamilton Burns (1779–1859), the father of the better known preacher and missionary to China William Chalmers Burns (1815–68). But while eclipsed in fame by his son, the life […]

image of the great awakening

The Great Awakening

A History of the Revival of Religion in the Time of Whitefield and Edwards

by Joseph Tracy

price From: $15.00
Avg. Rating


Endorsements ‘I can recommend without hesitation the reading of The Great Awakening. It is really one of those marvellous heart-warming books and I cannot imagine a better way of spending a summer holiday. What Tracy gives us is an account of true revival.’ — D. MARTYN LLOYD-JONES ‘The history of genuine revival stirs us. Through […]

cover image for the Letters of John Calvin
price From: $10.00
Avg. Rating


Endorsement ‘[Letters of John Calvin] is one of my favourite books. My copy is highlighted, underlined, and falling apart from constant use. Students of Calvin, as well as pastors and serious Christians, will enjoy these letters. I’m thrilled that Banner of Truth has reissued this classic.’ — KEVIN DEYOUNG Book Description Few great Christian leaders […]

cover image for The Power and Sympathy of Christ by J.C. Ryle
price From: $7.00


Book Description This book, The Power and Sympathy of Christ, contains six studies on John chapter 11—one of the most remarkable chapters in all the New Testament. It deals with themes most useful and interesting to all professing believers. Just like the rest of the human race, Christians are ‘born to trouble as the sparks […]

cover image for "The Greatest Fight in the World" by Charles Spurgeon

The Greatest Fight in the World

Spurgeon's Final Manifesto

by C. H. Spurgeon

price $8.10
Avg. Rating


Book Description By April 1891, when Spurgeon addressed the annual conference of the Pastors’ College for the last time, he was an experienced and battle-worn soldier. Spurgeon considered it the life-work of a pastor to be engaged in a crusade against error and sin. He fully appreciated what it was to ‘fight the good fight […]

Christian Leaders
price From: $7.00
Avg. Rating


Book Description Although much has been written on the evangelical revival of the 18th century, J. C. Ryle’s Christian Leaders of the 18th Century remains the best popular introduction to this great spiritual era. With simplicity and vigour, he traces the lives of the eleven Christian leaders who ‘shook England from one end to another’, […]

cover image for the duties of Christian Fellowship

Duties of Christian Fellowship

A Manual For Church Members

by John Owen

price $6.40
Avg. Rating


Book Description Duties of Christian Fellowship deals with a matter of perennial concern for every truly Christian church. In just a few pages it sets out in very concise terms the responsibilities all Christians have, first, to their pastors, and then second, to one another within the fellowship of the local church. John Owen was […]

image of flowers from a puritan's garden

Flowers From a Puritan’s Garden

Illustrations and Meditations

by C. H. Spurgeon

price $8.80
Avg. Rating


Book Description Do you ever underline helpful passages in books you are reading? This is exactly what C. H. Spurgeon used to do when reading the Puritans. Whilst reading Thomas Manton, he was struck time and time again by the ‘solid, sensible instruction, forcibly delivered’ that he found there. To Manton’s thoughts, Spurgeon added his […]

cover image for Is All Scripture Inspired? by JC Ryle
price $7.20


NEW REPRINT Book Description To J. C. Ryle, the inspiration of the Scriptures was ‘the very keel and foundation of Christianity’. But is all Scripture inspired? Are the very words and expressions from God, or does inspiration mean something less than this? Ryle was convinced that the very words were from God, and that only […]

cover image for particular redemption by John Hurrion

Particular Redemption

The End and Design of the Death of Christ

by John Hurrion

price From: $6.00


Book Description ‘Christ gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.’ In Particular Redemption, taking up these words of Titus 2:14, John Hurrion expounds the doctrine of redemption, focusing attention especially on the end and design, extent and importance of […]

cover image for steps towards heaven by ryle
price $9.00


Book Description Can we be saved without any personal knowledge of the Bible’s teaching? Is it necessary to think clearly and precisely about such teaching? Is God’s love such that no one will ultimately suffer the everlasting loss of body and soul? These are very important questions; the answers we give to them will have […]

cover image for the Way to True Peace and Rest by Robert Bruce

The Way to True Peace and Rest

Six Sermons on Hezekiah's Sickness: Isaiah 38:1-22

by Robert Bruce

price From: $6.00


Book Description It was said of Robert Bruce that ‘no man in his time spake with such evidence and power of the Spirit’. One is certainly left with that impression after reading The Way to True Peace and Rest, his six sermons on Isaiah 38, a chapter that records the illness that afflicted King Hezekiah […]

cover image for the Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston

The Crook in the Lot

What to believe when our lot in life is not health, wealth, and happiness

by Thomas Boston

price From: $5.50
Avg. Rating


Book Description Thomas Boston (1676-1732) was a remarkable Scottish theologian and pastor. His Works run to 12 volumes and contain some lengthy theological treatises. But Boston also wrote brief, very accessible, and pastoral books, and chief among these is the quaintly titled, The Crook in the Lot: The Sovereignty and Wisdom of God, in the […]

cover image for the shadow of calvary by hugh martin
price From: $13.00
Avg. Rating


Endorsement ‘Martin was exceptionally gifted intellectually. For all his familiarity with the Christology of the Church, his work does not merely pour old wine into old wineskins. There is something striking, fresh, thought-demanding, about his whole approach.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON Book Description Calvary cast a shadow over the whole of Christ’s ministry. It was, […]

cover for doctrine of the holy spirit
price From: $15.00


This work, the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit formed the capstone of George Smeaton’s teaching. 400 pp.

the doctrine of justification

The Doctrine of Justification

An outline of its history in the Church and of its exposition from Scripture

by James Buchanan

price From: $16.00


‘The value of this book today is that it will help us to understand this message better, and so to preach it in [a] full and comprehensive way..’ -PACKER

cover for mysteries of Christianity

The Mysteries of Christianity

Revealed Truths Expounded and Defended

by T. J. Crawford

price From: $13.00


The Mysteries of Christianity is in essence an exposition and defence of Christianity as a supernatural, Trinitarian faith.

Cover image for 'Knots Untied' by Ryle

Knots Untied

being plain statements on disputed points in religion, from the standpoint of an evangelical churchman

by J. C. Ryle

price From: $16.00


‘Let us remember, not least, the enormous injury which we may do to souls, if we once allow ourselves to depart in the least degree from the simplicity of the gospel either in our doctrine or in our worship. Who can estimate the shipwrecks that might occur in a single night, and the lives that […]

cover image for 'Inner Sanctuary'

The Inner Sanctuary

An Exposition of John Chapters 13 - 17

by Charles Ross

price $10.80
Avg. Rating


This exposition of John chapters 13–17 is an outstanding aid to increased devotion to Jesus Christ. 256pp.

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