Originally published: 1870

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Selected Writings of Benjamin Morgan Palmer

Articles written for The Southwestern Presbyterian in the years 1869-70

by B. M. Palmer

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Endorsements ‘No expression of mine is adequate to convey the power of this book. It is to be hoped that readers will rise from these incomparable Selected Writings to the magisterial Life of Benjamin Morgan Palmer, by Thomas Cary Johnson, also published by the Trust.’– JOHN R. DE WITT ‘Benjamin Morgan Palmer’s life and writings […]


The Atonement

In its relations to the covenant, the priesthood, the intercession of our Lord

by Hugh Martin

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EndorsementsRead More ↓ ‘Hugh Martin did not belong to the type of theologian who simply pours new wine into old wine bottles, or vice versa. He thought through the truth from first principles, always sensitive to the text of Scripture. Thus the reader is never left simply ticking off boxes, ‘heard that’, ‘know this’. Rather […]

Book Cover for '1 John'
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The ripe fruit of years of careful and loving study of the great themes in Johannine teaching; the privileges of fellowship with the Father and the Son through the Spirit are constantly brought to the fore. 600pp.

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A first-class exposition of Jonah. No one who has it will need any other . . . all [its pages are] rich with good matter’—Spurgeon. 368pp.

cover image for Evangelical Eloquence by Dabney

Evangelical Eloquence

A Course of Lectures on Preaching

by R. L. Dabney

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A Course of Lectures on Preaching’. 364pp.

Scots Worthies
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Stirring mini-biographies of the Christian heroes of Scotland from the 1520s to the ‘killing times’ of the 1680s. 672pp.

The Apostles' Doctrine of the Atonement
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A marvellous study which serves both as a doctrinal treatise on the atonement and as a commentary on many of the most important passages in the New Testament. With the same author’s Christ’s Doctrine of the Atonement, presents ‘an unparalled exposition to which preachers can turn when expounding any New Testament book’—Sinclair B. Ferguson. 560pp.

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