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A plea for a return to the right use of the Lord’s Day for meditation, rest, service, and growth in the understanding of God. 112pp.

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Shows why and how the Lord’s Day is meant to be one of joy for God’s people. 120pp.

The Basis of Christian Unity
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Two addresses on John 17 and Ephesians 4, pointing to timeless truths which should never be obscured. 96pp.

Sent By Jesus

Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today

by David Broughton Knox

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Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today’, which will encourage those who have obeyed Christ’s call to serve him. 96pp.

Preaching of Jonathan Edwards
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John Carrick, a professor at Greenville Theological Seminary, explores the theology, application, content, style, structure, motive, delivery, literary features, logic and legacy of Edwards’ preaching. 480pp.

Preachers With Power

Four Stalwarts of the South

by Douglas F. Kelly

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The lives of four of the most influential men in a rich period of evangelical history in America (1791–1902)—Daniel Baker, J. H. Thornwell, Benjamin M. Palmer and John L. Girardeau. 224pp.

Lectures to My Students
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A reset, complete and unabridged one-volume edition containing all three series of lectures, together with Commenting and Commentaries. 928pp.

Knowing the Times

Addresses Delivered on Various Occasions 1942 - 1977

by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Knowing the Times brings together a number of addresses where Lloyd-Jones applied the burden of God’s word to the essential issues of his day. One of his most significant titles ever published, the addresses reprinted here remain ‘tracts for the times’. 400pp.

John Owen On the Christian Life
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Expounds Owen’s teaching on the fundamental themes of the Christian life, and stands on its own as a study in pastoral theology. 312pp.

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The Imperative of Preaching

A Theology of Sacred Rhetoric

by John Carrick

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A Theology of Sacred Rhetoric’, showing the importance of the true Bible message being preached in the Bible’s own style and language. 208pp.

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Evangelicalism Divided

A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000

by Iain H. Murray

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A penetrating review of 50 years of crucial change in evangelical attitudes and alignments, 1950–2000. 352pp.

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Sets out, in a vivid and persuasive way, biblical principles for church life, ministry and discipline. First English translation by Peter Beale. 256pp.

The Christian Ministry

The Christian Ministry

With an Inquiry into the Causes of its Inefficiency

by Charles Bridges

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Bridges sub-titled the study of the Christian Ministry, 'An Inquiry into the Causes of its Inefficiency', and, rightly used, it is well suited to promote a faithful and effective ministry. 400pp.

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Calvin’s Wisdom

An Anthology Arranged Alphabetically

by J. Graham Miller

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An alphabetical anthology from the Reformer’s writings. 424pp.

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Sayings from the most influential thinkers and writers of all the Christian centuries. A store of priceless treasure. 144pp.

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In a spiritual, insightful and practical study into the Bible’s teaching on worship, Ryle provides clear guiding principles. 32pp.

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