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The Shorter Catechism Explained From Scripture
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In The Shorter Catechism Explained from Scripture, Vincent uses a question and answer format to achieve his aim. The 40 signatories to the Preface, including John Owen, declared their belief that it would ‘be greatly useful to all Christians in general’. 280pp.

The Works Of John Bunyan

Volume 2: Experimental, Doctrinal and Practical

by John Bunyan

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Book Description John Bunyan is best known for his famous allegorical works. He was prepared to suffer the hardship of imprisonment, in order to expound these great works. But his exposition of them was not confined to allegory, and in his many other works, like, ‘Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ’ and ‘An Exposition of […]

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The Shorter Catechism

With Scripture Proofs


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This work of the Westminster divines remains one of the best introductions to the key doctrines of the Christian faith. 48pp.

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