Published: 1990s

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Conflict and Triumph

The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded

by William H. Green

price $10.80


The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded’ by a great OT scholar. 192pp.

Book Cover For 'Church Of Rome At The Bar Of History'
price $14.40
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By appealing to the facts of history, the author refutes the claims of the Church of Rome. 256pp.

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Christ For Us

Sermons of Hugh Martin

by Hugh Martin

price $9.90


Sermons in which Martin (1822-85) traces all blessings to Jesus. 261pp.


The Cambuslang Revival

The Scottish Evangelical Revival of the Eighteenth Century

by Arthur Fawcett

price $12.60


The author uses first-hand accounts to tell of the 1742 revival. 272pp.

Book Cover for 'Call the Sabbath a Delight'
price $8.10


Shows why and how the Lord’s Day is meant to be one of joy for God’s people. 120pp.

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Beginning With John’s Gospel

The Introduction to John's Gospel Simply Explained

by Susan Harding

price $5.40


The opening verses of John’s Gospel are used to explain who Jesus was and why he came into the world. For ages 7-10. 64pp. Illustrated.

Book Cover for 'Asahel Nettleton '

Asahel Nettleton

Life & Labours

by Andrew Bonar, Bennet Tyler

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Nettleton (1783–1843) was a leading figure in one of the most important half-centuries in American church history. 450pp.

price $26.10


To Glorify and Enjoy God provides a comprehensive introduction to the background, history, character and contributions of the Westminster Divines and their Assembly. 352pp.

Sermons on Galatians by John Calvin
price $32.40


Calvin deals with the great evangelical themes found in Galatians in these sermons from 1557-58. Translated by Kathy Childress. 688pp.

Sermons on 2 Samuel by John Calvin

Sermons on 2 Samuel

Chapters 1-13

by John Calvin

price $32.40


The first English translation (by Professor Douglas Kelly) of his sermons on 2 Samuel, shows Calvin’s deep insight into human character. 696pp.

price $18.00


Puritan preaching at its best.’—Evangelical Times. 200pp.


Sent By Jesus

Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today

by David Broughton Knox

price $12.60


Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today’, which will encourage those who have obeyed Christ’s call to serve him. 96pp.

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