Published: 1990s

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History of Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton Seminary

Volume 2: The Majestic Testimony, 1869 - 1929

by David Calhoun

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In this movingly told story we meet great spirituality, great scholars, great missionary vision and great consecration to Christ. Vol. 2—The Majestic Testimony 1868–1929, 592pp.

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This index covers issues 1 to 315, September 1955 to December 1989. 111pp.

image of Deserted by God

Deserted by God?

Understanding the ways of God through the experience of the psalmists

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Draws on the experience of the Old Testament psalmists to help us begin to understand the ways of God. 196pp.

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These sermons preached in the Chapel of Princeton Seminary are biblically instructive and spiritually engaging expositions. 280pp.

Book Cover for 'Metropolitan Tabernacle'

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Volume 38: Sermons preached and revised in 1892

by C. H. Spurgeon

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Includes the last sermons Spurgeon personally prepared for publication before his death in January 1892. 640pp.

Book Cover for 'An Earnest Ministry'

An Earnest Ministry

The Want of the Times

by John Angell James

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The abiding impressiveness of James’ classic on the Christian ministry lies largely in the manner in which he presents one simple idea: ‘it is feeling which gives power to words and thoughts.’ 296pp.


Psalm 119

3 Volume Set

by Thomas Manton

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Thomas Manton's (1620-77) published expositions are characterised by careful preparation, systematic explanation of the text, rich illumination of its significance and a deep concern for the practical application of the biblical truth to daily living.

1 John Commentary by Robert Candlish
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The ripe fruit of years of careful and loving study of the great themes in Johannine teaching; the privileges of fellowship with the Father and the Son through the Spirit are constantly brought to the fore. 608pp.

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The nature and effects of true conversion. 24pp.

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A careful and lucid explanation of salvation by grace through faith. 28pp.

Life of Principled Obedience
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The essential elements of faithful Christian living. 32pp.

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A straightforward summary of the Christian gospel. 16pp.

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