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The Way to True Peace and Rest

Six Sermons on Hezekiah's Sickness: Isaiah 38:1-22

by Robert Bruce

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Book Description It was said of Robert Bruce that ‘no man in his time spake with such evidence and power of the Spirit’. One is certainly left with that impression after reading The Way to True Peace and Rest, his six sermons on Isaiah 38, a chapter that records the illness that afflicted King Hezekiah […]

The Works of Thomas Manton

Volume 3: Eighteen Sermons on the Description, Rise, Growth, and Fall of Anichrist; and A Practical Exposition Upon the Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah

by Thomas Manton

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Book Description The works of Thomas Manton (1620-1677) present us with what was most characteristic in the ministry of the English Puritans: careful, solid, warm-hearted applicatory exposition of the Scriptures. Manton’s works are characterised by great pastoral concern and a balanced wisdom. Ryle said, “If ever there was an English divine who must be classed […]

Wells Of Salvation

Meditations on Isaiah

by Charles & Norma Ellis

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98 short meditations on the entire book of Isaiah, underlining the greatness of God and encouraging joy in his victory. 224pp.

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A Commentary on the Holy Bible

Volume 2: Psalms-Malachi

by Matthew Poole

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Although massive scholarship lies behind this work, Poole’s Commentary is clear and easy to follow. Each chapter is preceded by an outline of the contents and principal teaching. Approx 1000pp. per volume.

The All-Sufficient God
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Nine mighty sermons showing God as he really is. 158pp.

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