Praises For The King Of Kings

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Spiritual Growth, Jesus Christ





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Apr 1, 1991







Book Description

Walter Chantry invites us to share in meditation on the person of Christ and his work through the study of three psalms which focus our gaze on different aspects of his grace, majesty, and glory. Thus in Psalm 2, we are introduced to a philosophy of life; in Psalm 110, we are given a vision of the coronation of Christ; in Psalm 45 we catch a glimpse of Christ in the glory of his return.

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  Introduction 7
  Psalm 2: A Philosophy of Life 12
  Scene 1: The Mutiny of Man, or Christ Rejected 14
  Scene 2: The Supremacy of God, or Christ Appointed 22
  Scene 3: The Authority of Christ, or Christ Commissioned 30
  Scene 4: The Policy of the Gospel, or Christ Received 37
  Psalm 110: The Coronation 48
  1: The Powerful Reign of Christ 50
  2: The Spiritual Reign of Christ 61
  3: The Priestly Reign of Christ 69
  4: The Judicial Reign of Christ 74
  Psalm 45: His Coming Again 83
  1: The Approaching King 86
  The King’s Excellency 87
  The King’s Victory 90
  The King’s Destiny 93
  2: The Awaiting Bride 96
  Bridal Assurance 97
  Bridal Appearance 105
  3: The Approval of the Union 109



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