Romans 3:20-4:25

Volume 3: Atonement & Justification

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Faith, Atonement, Justification, Salvation





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Jun 1, 1998





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In this volume the preacher moves step by step through the massive reasoning of the Apostle Paul on atonement and justification, yet the detail of the exposition does not stand in the way of a clear view of the whole, and the reader is constantly shown how every section fits in the theme of God’s complete plan of salvation.

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Preface xi
1 Laying the Foundation 1
Statement on main theme, justification - ungodliness and unrighteousness - God's wrath on Jews and Gentiles - every mouth stopped - the function of the Law
2 The Great Turning Point - 'But Now' 23
The only way of salvation - 'but now' in our experience and in history­ - analysis of verses 21-31 - the gospel of God - the Old Testament preparation
3 More Than Forgiveness 39
The vital historic event of Christ's coming - a positive righteousness - not by lawkeeping, but by faith - earned by Christ - the universal need
4 By Free Grace Alone 54
The centrality of justification - free grace - the ransom price and the slavery of sin - taught by Christ and the other apostles also
5 Propitiation 65
The essential doctrine of the atonement - the meaning of 'propitiation' ­modern translations and denials of this - 'wrath', the vital issue - deliverance provided by the offended party
6 The Blood of Jesus Christ 81
Another essential word - hated and misunderstood - true and false interpreta­tions - the sacrificial death - the substitute - the new covenant
7 The Vindication of God 95
The reconciliation of eternal love and eternal justice - remission and preter­mission - previous forbearance - sin actually seen to be punished - the cross declaring God's love and justice
8 Boasting Excluded 109
Necessity for argument, especially polemic - first deduction from the gospel ­boasting is excluded - faith not a work - Paul and James
9 Distinctions Abolished 126
Second deduction - no difference between Jews and Gentiles in the way of salvation - 'by' and 'through' - no compromise with other religions - the gospel the only basis of fellowship
10 The Law Established 139
Third deduction - meaning of 'law' - erroneous views rejected , seven ways in which the gospel, especially the cross, honours the law. Conclusion of Chapter three - reasons for modern rejection of this teaching
11 Abraham Justified – Faith 154
Objection concerning the case of Abraham - one covenant of grace in all ages - Abraham could not boast - exposition of Genesis 11:16 - meaning of 'faith' and 'impute'
12 Justifying the Ungodly 169
Grace and debt - justifying the ungodly - the robe of righteousness - David's experience in Psalm 32 - salvation entirely in God's hands - the acid test
13 Faith Only 182
Two further objections answered - faith and circumcision - the seal of justifi­cation - faith and the law - law and promise - 'the seed'
14 Salvation Guaranteed – Omnipotent Grace 191
The nature of law is contrary to promise - grace and faith fit together - salva­tion for all the 'seed', whether Jews or Gentiles - salvation certain because it is by God's grace
15 The Nature of Faith 207
An illustration of faith - the elements of real faith, in every application - the achievements of Abraham's faith - strengthened by faith
16 Faith Glorifying God 220
Faith glorifies God in His being and attributes - weak faith is genuine faith - difference between knowledge and practice - faith and foolhardiness distinguished - the way to be strong in faith
17 Raised for our Justification 231
Abraham's faith applied to us - God-centred faith - the significance of Christ's resurrection - how the resurrection justifies - practical application of the com­parison with Abraham

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  1. Tom R

    This is the single greatest volume on the grace of God I have read. I have given copies away to many whom I thought needed some clarity on the issue.

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