Romans 6

Volume 5: The New Man

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Nov 1, 1972





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In Romans chapter 6 the Apostle Paul takes up the issue of antinomianism – a dangerous perversion of the gospel’s teaching that has often troubled the church. The antinomian says, ‘Ah, this gospel is a wonderful message of salvation by the free grace of God. Therefore, it doesn’t matter at all how you live as a believer; you are saved once and forever.’ The Apostle shows us why some people have misused the doctrine of the grace of God in that way, and explains why Christians – ‘the servants of righteousness’ – must not live in sin or let sin reign within.

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Preface xi
One 1
Introductory analysis – chapter 6 a parenthesis – the problem of antinomianism stated – the ‘danger’ of the doctrine of justification by faith – correct translation of verse 2.
Two 13
Realizing our position – various interpretations of the key phrase considered ­death to the reign of sin – the impossibility of continuing in sin.
Three 29
Union with Christ – the kind of baptism referred to – this doctrine common knowledge – the status of all Christians – baptism into the whole Christ.
Four 42
The implications of our union with Christ – union in His death, burial and resurrection – past objective facts, not exhortations – the glorious power of God – life in the new realm
Five 55
The likeness of Christ’s resurrection, now and future – the old man and his crucifixion – the knowledge of faith leading to glorious experiences.
Six 68
The negative consequences of our crucifixion with Christ – ‘the old man’ and ‘the body of sin’ distinguished – sin in the body disannulled – freedom from the slavery of sin.
Seven 81
Reconciliation of Romans 6:6 and Ephesians 4 :22-24 – practical encouragement ­translation of ‘freed’ defended – freedom from the tyranny of sin – the safety of the believer.
Eight 93
The positive aspect – Paul’s use of the future in verse 8 – Christ’s relationship to sin – the significance of His resurrection – Christ’s death unto sin.
Nine 106
Christ’s life unto God – contrast with His humiliation – drawing the right conclusion about ourselves – what Paul is not saying.
Ten 120
The Christian’s death to the reign of sin – its finality – the end of death’s dominion, the law’s condemnation and sin’s bondage – the backslider.
Eleven 132
The Christian under the reign of grace – a new relationship to God – God’s purpose of holiness for us – its certain fulfilment – practical consequences of a proper ‘reckoning’.
Twelve 148
‘Therefore’ and the necessity for the application of teaching – the New Testament way of teaching holiness – ‘let not sin reign in your mortal bodies’ – motives and encouragements to sanctification.
Thirteen 163
An exhortation addressed to our wills – sin, the enemy – our members – presenta­tion of ourselves to God – the clinic and the parade-ground.
Fourteen 176
A reminder of our God-given ability – glorifying God – verse 14, an encourage­ment to obedience – law and grace – the new covenant.
Fifteen 190
Analysis of the second half of the chapter – the next objection explained ­slaves of sin or of obedience – ownership demonstrated by life.
Sixteen 205
The great change, mind, heart and will- the pattern of obedience – faith and obedience.
Seventeen 221
Freedom from sin – enslavement to righteousness – the principle of new life ­humanism and Pharisaisrn – religious sanctions – redemption and morality.
Eighteen 240
The use of analogy – willing slavery – the infirmity of the flesh – spiritual discernment – growth in understanding.
Nineteen 255
Varieties of personality – exhortation, not a second experience – God’s reasonable demands – what we were and what we are.
Twenty 270
Supporting arguments for holy living – the old life – freedom from righteous­ness – fruitlessness, shame and death.
Twenty-one 285
‘But now’ _ the new life – Christian freedom – Christian slavery – Christian fruit.
Twenty-two 300
Summary and conclusion – two contrasting possibilities for men – the master we serve _ the conditions of service – the ultimate end – all through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martijn de Groot

    Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones himself said that he could not start with his series on Romans until he has really understood chapter 6. This fact alone indicates that it is a very important book. When I read it, I was a Christian for 18 years, but these sermons helped me to realize definitely what it means to be a new man, to have a new nature – and to apply this fact in the struggle against the plague of my heart. This book is not for lazy, superficial Christians, or maybe right for them because Lloyd-Jones crashes the heresy of antinomianism. When you have the intention to work through the 14 volumes of the Romans series, I recommend you to start with this profound volume.

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