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In 1738, John Brown requested a Greek New Testament. Because he was a shepherd boy, a Greek professor in the shop said that if Brown could read it, he could have it. Brown read a passage and received the book for free. This shepherd boy went on to become one of Scotland’s greatest preachers and also served as a professor of divinity of his own denomination. John Brown’s books are numerous, including The Christian’s Greatest Enemy, which encourages Christians in their resistance to the devil. Galatians provides commentary derived from careful study of what the Holy Scripture teaches, and is written to help all Christians, while Hebrews was written to illuminate the message for both Christians in the pews where he preached and divinity students he taught. Then there is Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord, a John Brown book that offers readers extended teachings of Jesus and the words he preached.

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The Christian’s Great Enemy

A Practical Exposition of I Peter 5:8-11

by John Brown (1784-1858)

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Endorsement ‘The republication of John Brown’s brief and readable study of “The Christian’s Great Enemy” is both timely and helpful. For younger Christians it will provide a pocket manual for spiritual warfare. At the same time it will serve as a refresher course for more seasoned Christians who are aware of their own weakness and […]

Book Cover For 'Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord'
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John Brown handles the materials from the Gospels in a masterly way, and in doing so brings us to know Christ better. 1536pp.

Hebrews Geneva Commentary by John Brown
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No work is more fitted for an all-round one-volume commentary on this Epistle. 740pp.

Galatians Commentary by John Brown
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This commentary is a masterpiece of exposition and heart-warming reading. Intellectually it is of the highest standard, but it is also of the deepest experimental warmth’—Gospel Magazine. 488pp.

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