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Born in 1805, William Cunningham was educated at the University of Edinburgh, and licenced to preach in 1828. He preached in Greenock and Edinburgh, and became the first professor of theology of the Free Church in New College, Edinburgh, then the church history chair in 1845. In 1859, he was elected Moderator of the Free Church Assembly. Cunningham fiercely pursued truth through intense questioning, and his publications are characterized by deep and wide scholarship. William Cunningham’s books include Reformers & the Theology of the Reformation, containing the best of his thoughtful, yet passionate scholarship. In this book he does not shy away from questioning Reformation teachings when he believed they contradicted scripture, following the principle of Semper Reformanda. Shortly before his death, Cunningham provided New College colleagues with his manuscripts, and readers today can benefit from their careful stewardship of them.

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A series of addresses on the leading historical characters and the great biblical doctrines of the Reformation. 628pp.

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