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Born in 1576, John Davenant was admitted to Queen’s College, Cambridge in 1587 and, at age 33, was awarded his DD. He was chosen as Lady Margaret’s Professor at Divinity at Cambridge and, in 1614, was made president of Queens College. He served as rector in Nottingham and, briefly, in Hockington, Cambridgeshire, and was a Church of England delegate in the 1618 Synod of Dort. In 1621, King James I appointed him as Bishop of Salisbury, and he served in this position until he died in 1641. John Davenant books include Colossians, a commentary that C.H. Spurgeon ranked first about this epistle by Paul. This John Davenant book was written in Latin, with the Trust publishing this highly praised material in its Geneva series to encourage and instruct today’s generation of Christians; this book includes autobiographical information about Davenant, written by editor and translator Josiah Allport.

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Colossians Commentary by John Davenant
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A ‘much praised’ commentary, which has instructed, encouraged and sanctified the faith and life of God’s people since its first publication (in Latin) in 1627. 964pp.

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