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Born in 1638 in Brea, he received an MA at Marischal College Aberdeen in 1658 and began practicing law. He eventually preached and was ordained around 1670 by ministers who had been ejected. In July 1674, he was ordered to appear before the Privy Council, but refused and was declared a rebel. Around 1677, he was imprisoned; in prison, he wrote and studied Hebrew and Greek. He was imprisoned twice more, and then returned to Scotland in 1687 where he became the minister at a Culross, Fife parish. James Fraser books include Am I a Christian?, where he shares his struggle with assurance of salvation and how he overcame them to come to a firm acceptance of salvation through Christ. This book is, in fact, taken from his memoirs, Memoirs of the Rev. James Fraser of Brea, which were taken from text found in Scottish Puritans, Select Biographies, Volume Two.

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Am I a Christian by James Fraser
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Book Description James Fraser endured a long conflict with doubts and in this little book, Am I a Christian?, he records how he overcame his fears and arrived at a firm assurance of his salvation in Christ. Taken from his memoirs (Memoirs of the Rev. James Fraser of Brea, found in Scottish Puritans: Select Biographies, volume […]

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