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Born in 1785, John Angell James trained at David Bogue’s College, located in Gosport, Hants, and served his entire ministry at one location: Carrs Lane Congregational Church in Birmingham. He was a devout Christian, dedicated to prayer. He published a significant amount of material that, during its era, was among the most circulated of all the works written by Nonconformist leaders. John Angell James books include An Earnest Ministry, originally released in 1847. In this classic publication, he shares that the effect of preaching is strongly influenced by the feeling evinced by the preacher, giving power to his words and thoughts alike. The preacher must, therefore, possess a devotion and singleness of purpose that allows him to surrender all else in its pursuit. Later in life, James believed that, although increasing numbers of talented men were trained to preach, messages provided, overall, had become less effective.

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An Earnest Ministry

The Want of the Times

by John Angell James

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The abiding impressiveness of James’ classic on the Christian ministry lies largely in the manner in which he presents one simple idea: ‘it is feeling which gives power to words and thoughts.’ 296pp.

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