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Books by Hugh Martin

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Christ For Us

Sermons of Hugh Martin

by Hugh Martin

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Sermons in which Martin (1822-85) traces all blessings to Jesus. 261pp.

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A first-class exposition of Jonah. No one who has it will need any other . . . all [its pages are] rich with good matter’—Spurgeon. 368pp.

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Endorsement ‘Martin was exceptionally gifted intellectually. For all his familiarity with the Christology of the Church, his work does not merely pour old wine into old wineskins. There is something striking, fresh, thought-demanding, about his whole approach.’ — SINCLAIR B. […]


The Atonement

In its relations to the covenant, the priesthood, the intercession of our Lord

by Hugh Martin

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EndorsementsRead More ↓ ‘Hugh Martin did not belong to the type of theologian who simply pours new wine into old wine bottles, or vice versa. He thought through the truth from first principles, always sensitive to the text of Scripture. […]

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