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Born in Pennsylvania in 1802, William Swan Plumer graduated from Washington College in Virginia in 1825. After studying for a year at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1826, he served at churches in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania. He also started a religious weekly newspaper, founded an institution to help the deaf, mute, and blind, and served as the professor of didactic and polemic theology in South Carolina’s Columbia Theological Seminary. He published theological yet practical articles and essays, sermons and biblical studies, commentaries and more. William S. Plumer books include Psalms, part of the Geneva Series of Commentaries. More than 600 commentaries have been written on the Psalms, but few capture both the heart and mind as this book by William S. Plumer. In fact, according to Edinburgh’s Dr. John Macleod, this is the very best single volume written on this particular book of Scripture.

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Psalms Commentary by William Plumer


a critical and expository commentary with doctrinal and practical remarks

by William S. Plumer

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In Psalms, Plumer gives both exposition and doctrinal and practical remarks and presents in readable form a great wealth of material. Clothbound. 1216 pp.

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