A Defence of Calvinism

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Doctrines of Grace

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Feb 1, 2010

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It is a great thing to begin the Christian life by believing good solid doctrine. Constant change of creed is sure loss. If a tree has to be taken up two or three times a year, you will not need to build a very large loft in which to store the apples. When people are always shifting their doctrinal principles, they are not likely to bring forth much fruit to the glory of God. It is good for young believers to begin with a firm hold upon those great fundamental doctrines which the Lord has taught in his Word.

With his winsome style and customary mix of wit, wisdom, and warm devotion to his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) explains and defends the Bible’s teachings about the grace of God in the gospel. In so doing he helpfully answers several important questions young believers sometimes struggle with, such as:

  • How did I become a Christian?
  • Did God love me before I was born?
  • What did Jesus accomplish by his death upon the cross?
  • What can overcome the wickedness of my sinful heart?
  • Will a true Christian persevere in faith?
  • What is the best way to be happy as a Christian?
  • Will the doctrines of grace encourage me to sin or to live a holy life to God’s glory?

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  1. Bruce Binney

    This is a great book that will certainly challenge any Arminian that you may come across. Back in 1996 I read The defense of Calvinism and was totally convinced that I was wrong in my Arminian understanding. After I read it, I got down on my knees in tears and ask God to forgive me for proclaiming a false gospel to the lost, and for not seeing the cross correctly. I highly recommend it!

  2. Shawn Nazareth

    Definitely a great booklet to read for yourself and to give it to any Arminian friend you have!

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