A Summary of Christian Doctrine


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Dec 1, 1960

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Just as Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology is outstanding in its own field, his book A Summary of Christian Doctrine is unequalled as a popular handbook of Christian doctrine, written from an evangelical and reformed standpoint.

Systematically arranged and helpfully sub-divided, A Summary of Christian Doctrine has proved ideal for church study-groups. Passages for memorization and questions for review at the close of each chapter enhance the book’s value for the student.

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1 Religion 1
2 Revelation 5
3 Scripture 10
The Doctrine of God and Creation
4 The Esssential Nature of God 17
5 The Names of God 21
6 The Attributes of God 24
7 The Trinity 31
8 The Divine Decrees 35
9 Creation 39
10 Providence 46
The Doctrine of Man in Relation to God
11 Man in His Original State 51
12 Man in the State of Sin 57
13 Man in the Covenant of Grace 62
The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ
14 The Names and Natures of Christ 71
15 The States of Christ 76
16 The Offices of Christ 83
17 The Atonement through Christ 89
The Doctrine of the Application of the Work of Redemption
18 The Common Operations of the Holy Spirit: Common Grace 95
19 Calling and Regeneration 99
20 Conversion: Repentance and Faith 105
21 Justification 111
22 Sanctification and Perseverance 116
The Doctrine of the Church and the Means of Grace
23 The Nature of the Church 123
24 The Government and Power of the Church 128
25 The Word of God and the Sacraments in General 135
26 Christian Baptism 140
27 The Lord’s Supper 145
The Doctrine of the Last Things
28 Physical Death and the Intermediate State 149
29 The Second Coming of Christ 155
30 The Resurrection, the Last Judgment, and the Final State 161


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