Calvinism: Pure and Mixed

A Defence of The Westminster Standards

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Jan 1, 1986


Doctrines of Grace, General Theology

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Revision (or evasion) of doctrinal standards has been a destructive influence in church life over the last one hundred years or so. W.G.T. Shedd witnessed such a trend in the Northern Presbyterian Church of his own day with regard to The Westminster Confession of Faith. Calvinism: Pure and Mixed expresses the reason for his opposition to that trend. Calvinism: Pure and Mixed is virtually a defence of the reformed faith against many of the most common criticisms levelled against it.


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Preface Vii
Introduction Xii
1 Inexpediency of the Revision of the Westminster Confession 1
2 Objections to the Revision of the Westminster Confession 12
3 Are there Doctrinal Errors in the Westminster Confession? 17
4 The Westminster Standards and the Universal Offer of Mercy 23
5 The Meaning and Value of the Doctrine of Decrees 29
6 Preterition Necessary to the Sovereignty of God in Election 69
7 Preterition and the Lopsided View of the Divine Decree 75
8 The Double Predestination to Holiness and Sin 84
9 Common and Special Grace 92
10 The True Proportion in a Creed between the Universal and the   Special Love of God 102
11 Infant Salvation as Related to Original Sin 107
12 The Westminster Standards and the ‘Larger Hope’ 116
13 The Westminster Affirmation of the Original Inerrancy of the   Scriptures 132
14 Calvinism and the Bible 145
15 Denominational Honesty and Honor 152
Appendix 159


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