Children of the Living God

Delighting in the Father's Love

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May 1, 1989

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Jesus Christ taught his disciples to call God ‘Our Father’, and to live as members of his family. Although simple enough for every Christian to understand this is also so profound that its implications take a lifetime and more to explore fully.

Yet, despite Christ’s words and example, Christians have frequently ignored or forgotten his teaching. In these pages, Sinclair B.Ferguson reminds us of its importance.

Children of the Living God takes as its starting point the wise and thought-provoking question of an old writer: ‘If the love of a father will not make a child delight in him, what will?’. It underlines that we were created for joyful fellowship with God, and explains how we enter his family by new birth and adoption. Its chapters show how the Spirit of sonship, Christian freedom, divine discipline, prayer and the sacraments all contribute to our experience of the love the Father has for his children.


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Preface xi
1 The Children of God 1
2 New Birth 15
3 Adopted Children 24
4 The Family Traits 40
5 Family Life 53
6 The Spirit of Adoption 69
7 Family Freedom 83
8 Fatherly Discipline 104
9 The Final Destiny 119


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