Collected Writings of John Murray

Volume 4: Studies in Theology

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General Theology, God, Scripture, The Law

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Feb 1, 1982

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Studies in Theology is the fourth and concluding volume in the Collected Writings of John Murray. Like the preceding volumes it presents a selection of the finest work, produced mainly during his long and distinguished ministry as Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

Volume 4 includes articles dealing with several areas of doctrine which lay close to Murray’s heart. Among them is the hitherto unpublished work, ‘Jesus, the Son of God’, which is possibly his last piece of theological writing. Its chief characteristic – as with all of Murray’s writings – lies in the way in which the text of Scripture suffuses everything he says. This concern to be thoroughly biblical applied also to his doctrine of Scripture, to Christology, and to his understanding of the proclamation of the gospel and the Christian ethic. Outstanding articles in each of these areas may be found in these pages.

John Murray was a systematic theologian par excellence. But he also wrote several magisterial studies in the area of historical theology. Studies in Theology includes his expositions of Calvin’s teaching on Scripture and Divine Sovereignty, the Theology of the Westminster Confession, and the Covenant Theology. All of these chapters display erudition of the highest quality, and at the same time are seasoned with the humility of mind which was one of John Murray’s greatest spiritual qualities.

Also included in this volume is a collection of Murray’s book reviews which first appeared in The Westminster Theological Journal during the years 1954-1967. Major theological works influence teachers, students, ministers, and eventually the entire Christian church. For this reason Professor Murray’s discussions of the writings of such influential figures as Karl Barth, Emil Brunner and G. C. Berkouwer are of lasting value.

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Preface vii
1. Systematic Theology 1
2. Inspiration and Inerrancy 22
3. The Inspiration of the Scripture 30
4. Jesus the Son of God 58
5. Who Raised Up Jesus? 82
6. The Reconciliation 92
7. The Free Offer of the Gospel 113
8. Paul’s Use of ‘Nomos’ 133
9. The Weak and the Strong 142
10. Calvin’s Doctrine of Scripture 158
11. Calvin and the Authority of Scripture 176
12. Calvin on the Sovereignty of God 191
13. Calvin, Dordt and Westminster on Predestination – A Comparative Study 205
14. Covenant Theology 216
15. The Theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith 241
16. Tradition: Romish and Protestant 264
II REVIEWS 1954-1967
1. Claude Welch: In This Name. The Doctrine of the Trinity in Contemporary Theology 277
2. Steven Barabas: So Great Salvation. The History and Message of the Keswick Convention 281
3. Anton Fridrichsen et al.: The Root of the Vine. Essays in Biblical Theology 286
4. G. C. Berkouwer: Studies in Dogmatics. Faith and Justification. 288
5. John Christian Wenger: Introduction to Theology. An Interpretation of the Doctrinal Content of Scripture, Written to Strengthen a Childlike Faith in Christ 292
6. Emil Brunner: Eternal Hope 296
7. John Frederick Jansen: Calvin’s Doctrine of the Work of Christ 302
8. Harry Buis: The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment 304
9. C. K. Barrett: A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans 306
10. Paul van Buren: Christ in our Place. The Substitutionary Character of Calvin’s Doctrine of Reconciliation 310
11. B. B. Warfield: Biblical Foundations 314
12. Karl Barth: Christ and Adam. Man and Humanity in Romans 5 316
13. Dwight Hervey Small: The Biblical Basis for Infant Baptism. Children in God’s Covenant Promise 321
14. G. C. Berkouwer: Studies in Dogmatics. Divine Election 323
15. Bernard Ramm: The Witness of the Spirit. An Essay on the Contemporary Relevance of the Internal Witness of the Holy Spirit 331
16. Bernard Ramm: Special Revelation and the Word of God 334
17. Andre De Bovis, S. J.: What is the Church? 339
18. A. Berkeley Mickelsen: Interpreting the Bible 342
19. G. C. Berkouwer: Studies in Dogmatics. The Work of Christ 345
20. Gustaf Aulen: The Faith of the Christian Church 349
21. Herman N. Ridderbos: When the Time Had Fully Come: Studies in New Testament Theology 355
Bibliography 361
Index of Names 379
Index of Subjects 382


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