The Cross

The Vindication Of God

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Jesus Christ, Salvation

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Dec 1, 1990

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Why did Christ die? What is the meaning of the cross? Most theories of the atonement are concerned only with its manward aspect but as Dr Lloyd-Jones demonstrates in this exposition of Romans 3.25-26 the cross was above everything else a vindication of the character of God. ‘This is an essential part of the glorious Gospel. One Calvary God was making a way of salvation so that you and I might be forgiven. But he had to do so in a way that you and I might be forgiven. But he had to do so in a way that will leave his character inviolate, that will leave his eternal consistency still absolute and unbroken. Once you begin to look at it like that, you see that this is the most tremendous, the most glorious, the most staggering thing in the universe and in the whole of history.’ This exposition is taken from the third volume of Dr Lloyd-Jones’ series on the Epistle of the Romans.


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