The Great Divide

Christianity or Evolution?

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Apologetics, Worldview

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Jul 1, 1989

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Whole Bible



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Can the philosophy of evolution be combined with the teaching of the Bible?

Should Christians be relieved by the suggestion that the Christian faith can be understood in such a way that it harmonises with the convictions of evolutionary philosophy?

Is it not true that believing in theistic evolution makes our Christian witness so much more reasonable to people in the modern world?

In The Great Divide, Gerard Berghoef and Lester Dekoster confront these and other questions. They write plainly and vigorously about the issues that are at stake for the Christian faith in its encounter with secular science. They force the reader to ask: What does the Bible really say?

Gerard Berghoef and Lester DeKoster have deliberately avoided writing a technical treatise. Instead, point by point, they direct attention to the teaching of God’s word, and in the light of this challenge the theories of evolutionary philosophy and theistic evolution. If their claims are right then our own century is not only the most scientifically advanced of all time, but perhaps also the most deceived.

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Foreword 13
To the Reader 15
The Plan of Redemption 19
The Plan of Redemption
1. “In the beginning … ” 27
 2. “And God said … ” 33
 3. “Let there be light … ” 41
 4. “Let us make man in our image … ” 47
 5. “And man became a living soul … ” 55
 6. “The rib … he made into a woman … ” 63
 7. “And the two became one flesh … ” 71
 8. “And behold, it was very good … ” 79
 9. “And the evening and the morning … ” 85
The Plan of Redemption
The Fall
 10. “You shall not eat … ” 95
 11. “You shall die … ” 105
 12. “Against thee, thee only … ” 113
The Plan of Redemption
 13. “And the Word became flesh … ” 125
 14. “Let him deny himself … ” 133
 15. Genesis to Nicodemus 139
 16. Jesus Confirms Genesis 147
A Summing Up
 17. “SCIENCE” In Capital Letters 155
Epilogue: The Cross 166
The Plan of Redemption: Final Accounting 171
Book Note 175
Appendix 177



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