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Cover of 'Called to be Holy' by Jeremy Walker

Called to be Holy

The Discipline of the Church

by Jeremy Walker

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Booklet Description Discipline is not a dirty word. Any group which is united and effective embraces discipline to promote the health and strength of the group as a whole and its survival over time. The same is true of the church of Jesus Christ, serving and striving together so that Christ is formed in every […]

image of Charges and Addresses by J.C. Ryle
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Book Description A man of good scholarship, sterling character, wide sympathies, and tremendous zeal, J. C. Ryle accounted it no light thing to be entrusted with the work of organizing and advancing the cause of God and truth in a diocese noted for its extensive industrial development and in a city of world fame. As […]

The Christian Sabbath by Terry Johnson
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Book Description There can be no doubt that a seismic shift has taken place within the English-speaking world over the last sixty years regarding what used to be referred to as ‘the Christian Sabbath.’ What was considered to be a day of rest, worship and holy activity is now just like any other day of […]

The Church Mini-Guide by Mark Johnston

The Church

Glorious Body, Radiant Bride

by Mark Johnston

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Book Description The church is the oldest surviving institution in the history of the world. It has changed lives and shaped nations. It is loved, hated, and ignored in equal measure. But what is it, and what is its purpose in the world? This mini-guide answers those questions and shows why the church matters. Banner […]

image of 'The Reformation of the Church' by Iain H. Murray

The Reformation of the Church

A Collection of Reformed and Puritan Documents on Church Issues

by Iain H. Murray

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A Collection of Reformed and Puritan Documents on Church Issues with introductory notes. 416pp.

Devoted to God's Church by Sinclair Ferguson

Devoted to God’s Church

Core Values for Christian Fellowship

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Endorsements ‘Many people “go to church.” Sinclair Ferguson, with his typical gentleness and wisdom, teaches us how to “be the church” as Christ defines it. This simple, clear, and moving book will be great help for people interested in learning more about becoming members of a church. It is also a good tool for those […]

cover image for 'A Sad Departure' by David Randall

A Sad Departure

why we could not stay in the Church of Scotland

by David J. Randall

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Endorsement ‘David Randall has written a lucid manifesto explaining why he and others are leaving the Church of Scotland now. While that may seem a narrow issue of no concern to believers in the rest of the world, it is certainly not. The arguments he proffers for departure from this historic church stand equally true […]

Sermons of the Great Ejection
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This new edition for the 350th anniversary of the ‘Farewell Sunday’ in August 1662 when 2000 ministers left the national church for conscience’ sake is also a fine introduction to Puritan preaching. 280pp.

cover iamge for mensajes bíblicos

Mensajes Bíblicos

Biblical Messages

by R. M. M‘Cheyne

price $5.40


Book Description Los Mensajes Bíblicos de Roberto McCheyne, junto con sus cartas y otros escritos, fueron recopilados por A. Bonar al año escaso de haber fallecido aquél. Aparecieron por primera vez en 1884, y la avidez con que el público inglés leyó y acogió dicha obra fué verdaderamente sensacional; prueba de ello es que a […]

United We Stand

United We Stand

A Twelve-point action plan to teach us that united we stand and divided we fall

by Thomas Brooks

price $4.50


Endorsement ‘To read the work of a Puritan doctor of the soul is to enter a rich world of spiritual theology to feed the mind, heart-searching analysis to probe the conscience, Christ-centred grace to transform the heart, and wise counsel to direct the life. This series of Pocket Puritans provides all this in miniature, but […]

Princeton and the Work of the Christian Ministry Cover Image

Princeton and the Work of the Christian Ministry

2 Volume Set: A Collection of Addresses and Articles by Faculty and Friends of Princeton Theological Seminary

by James M. Garretson

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An ‘instructive and insightful’ compendium, in two volumes, of addresses and articles by faculty and friends of Princeton Theological Seminary. With a Foreword by David B. Calhoun. 792 & 616pp.


The Works of John Owen

16 Volume Set

by John Owen

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Endorsement ‘Owen is a most wonderful resource. He isn’t easy reading, but you get into a rhythm…It’s the sheer spirituality of Owen that is just compelling, absolutely compelling.’ — IAN HAMILTON Book Description Despite his other achievements, Owen is best famed for his writings. These cover the range of doctrinal, ecclesiastical and practical subjects. They […]

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