Christians Grieve Too

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Oct 1, 1991

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Donald Howard was minister of St Peter’s Church, Burwood East, NSW, when his wife Diana, at the age of forty, contracted cancer. She was to live a further six years, but, he writes, although through faith in Christ ‘we were prepared for death, I was ill-prepared for grief.’

This ill-preparedness, he found, arose from a lack of understanding, and two years later he wrote these pages for the help of others. They contain a blend of biblical, pastoral, and personal elements and serve to fill a gap on the subject of bereavement.

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Preface 7
The Reality of Grief 9
The Experience of Grief 13
Complications of Grief 15
The Relief of Grief 19
Hope in our Grief 23
Our Blessed Hope 29
Acknowledgement 31

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  1. William Long

    Recently used this little booklet to share with an elder going through grief. What an encouragement and help. As a pastor, resources like this with good support from the scriptures are sparse. This is a good one with a human touch.

  2. Sandy Eskins

    Read this wonderful little booklet, found it very informative…I lost my husband 2 years ago, ordered several to give away. Two other books for the grieving that were also most helpful were Grace for the Widow, by Joyce Rogers and From One Widow to Another, by

  3. Bobby Gorman

    I have used this booklet to pass on to those who mourned loved ones (even with the assurance that they have went to a better place). God has used this little booklet as a means of reassurance and much needed comfort. After Christmas I was able to pass my last copy to a woman whose husband had died after a long struggle with cancer.The Spirit of God has helped us and in her own words “It has been a real help, when I needed comfort and I go back, read parts of it again and again.Thank you for thinking about me.” The reply is Thanks be to the God of all comfort who has supplied such books that can speak to his people in their time of need. Thank you Banner please hurry with the reprint.

  4. V

    Absolutely phenomenal…easy reading, packed with Scripture applicable to each area of the grieving process being discussed….Lost my best friend/Mum 20 months ago. As her daughter/carer…with her death went my home (Estate sale), job (her carer), friend, Christian mentor, Mum & home town.

    Church & Christian friends have been a huge support but thank you for publishing this succinct booklet about grief👏

  5. Mr. William Shishko

    I give these out to Christians after the loss of a family member. It is the best simple presentation of the grieving process, and it is suffused with the Gospel. Highly recommended!

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