A Sure Guide to Heaven

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Conversion, Salvation

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Jan 1, 1960

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This book was previously published by the Trust under the title ‘An Alarm to the Unconverted’.

When the spiritual history of the Western World in the 20th century is written, it may well be seen as the epoch of spiritual sloth and slumber. Eternal realities seemed vaguely-defined and far-removed from daily life, and conformity to the world took the form of carelessness and neglect of spiritual issues. That is why it is no anachronism to republish a book from a day when men were more deeply conscious of the world to come, written by a servant of God whose preaching and writing were used to alarm and awaken many to the concerns of life and death.

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Biographical introduction 7
Introduction 15
1: Mistakes about conversion 19
2: The nature of conversion 26
3: The necessity of conversion 50
4: The marks of the unconverted 68
5: The miseries of the unconverted 80
6: Directions to the unconverted 100
7: The motives to conversion 130
Conclusion 141


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  1. Charles Curtman

    I am most familiar with this book under its former title, “An Alarm to the Unconverted.” In my judgment it is the very best on this subject. Its wide distribution among those who profess to be Christians would meet a critical need today.

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    Previously published under the title An Alarm to the Unconverted, this great evangelistic book is also a spur to personal evangelism. 152pp.

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