1&2 Peter

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Geneva Series of Commentaries


1 Peter, 2 Peter

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Jul 1, 1982


‘A judicious and gracious Scotch commentary, after the style of Dickson and Hutcheson.’– C.H. SPURGEON

Book Description

Perhaps of all the apostles, most Christians find themselves most readily drawn to Simon Peter. His failure, restoration and subsequent usefulness provide hope for those who face testing and temptation. Despite that, Peter’s twin epistles are probably given less attention than many other sections of the New Testament. But they continue to speak with power and relevance.

They provide encouragement and assurance from one who himself needed both; they give basic instruction in Christian living; they also provide clear teaching on false doctrine. They are therefore essential letters for Christians today.

Nisbet’s outstanding practical treatment is an ideal aid for preachers, teachers, group leaders and all students or readers of the Bible.

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1 The Argument 3
2 Chapter One 5
3 Chapter Two 56
4 Chapter Three 114
5 Chapter Four 153
6 Chapter Five 188
1 The Argument 219
2 Chapter One 221
3 Chapter Two 244
4 Chapter Three 274
Glossary 299

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  1. busibirdminder13

    The few contributors to this series of Commentary (being Hutcheson, Dickson, Fergusson and Nisbet)are each and every one of them exceptional. The verses are written with the commentary immediately following. Each of the points, which obviously results from his balance between “knowledge’ of the entire Bible with its doctrines, and affection” from prayer,meditation on the Scriptures/close relationship with his Lord, make this book a treasure. There is a level of teaching that is truly teaching and not puppeting from others from a lack of internalisation of Biblical truth. Basics and advanced doctrines are routinely explained rather than presumptuously passed over. These and have furthered my knowledge in the way his deeper understandings of the Bible bring out points I’ve never considered nor heard in sermons or other commentaries. The book is such that I wanted a few of them to give away for this Christmas 2023 to my friends who aren’t afraid of the older but more expressive language, and intelligent but more spiritual commentary.

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