Read the Bible in a Year

Calendar of Daily Readings

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Jun 1, 1998

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Writing at the end of 1842, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, tells his flock: ‘It has long been in my mind to prepare a scheme of Scripture reading, in which as many as were made willing by God might agree, so that the whole Bible might be read once by you in the year, and all might be feeding in the same portion of the green pasture at the same time.’ The Calendar give four portions (usually four chapter) for each day of the year: two for family worship, morning and evening, and two for private reading, morning and evening. In this way, the entire Bible is read once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in the course of a year.

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  1. Adam

    Great plan for systematically reading through large portions of the Scripture. I’ve used this for the past three years. Probably the most profitable 35 cents I’ve ever spent! The plan goes through the Old Testament once and the Psalms and New Testament twice. The plan itself looks nice with clean modern font. Fits nice in a lot of Bibles. I got a smaller Bible last year but was still able to cut down the top and the bottom so that fits nicely without its head and feat gangling out.

    There is also a very solid, two volume, exegetically sound, and applicationally thoughtful and relevant devotion that corresponds to the readings of this M’Cheyne plan. It was written by D.A. Carson called ‘For the Love of God’. It is written so that you don’t have to own both the volumes to go through the year. But if you have both volumes you have more passages from that day to have a reflection on. Very versatile for your schedule. I highly recommend both.

  2. James Carl Patrick Morgan

    Back in the mid-1980’s, when I was discovering the Reformed faith, I obtained a copy of M’Cheyne’s calendar for reading through the Bible. By God’s grace, I have used it ever since. If my calculations are correct, I have been blessed to have read the OT 30 times and the NT and Psalms 60 times. No bragging on my end – I am so thankful for this plan and highly recommend it to every Christian – you will become well-versed in the Holy Scriptures, more confident in your faith, and, you will come to taste and see that the LORD, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is good!

  3. Jeff Pauly

    I have been in the ministry since 1978, and have used McCheynes daily reading for over 30 years. I found that people (including myself) tended to read over and over the same scriptures and rarely know the whole Bible. If they try a systematic reading it is usually Gen-Rev, and often they fail at it. McCheyne’s has you go back and forth from old to new. You are able to see how the Bible is a conhesive whole, seeing the shadow of the OT and substance in the NT. I would tell those I pastored I would preach each week from one of 28 chpts. for that week. This way they could see more clearly what the message was and whether I spoke in truth. We need to feed on the word of God daily and this reading schedule is the best.

  4. jin.wan

    Like many Christians, I’ve attempted to read the Bible from cover to cover many times. The problem? “cover to cover”. The Bible as a united, single Word of God, means that all things since creation and history come together for the glory of God alone. M’Cheyne’s Bible readings is a God-send in that it got me looking in the Old and New Testaments concurrently, and suddenly everything made more sense. Piecing together prophecies foretold and prophecies fulfilled throughout history helped me see a richer picture of God’s mission and purpose for the world. By now I think I’m in my 4th or 5th run through M’Cheynne’s Bible reading programme, and I always find something fresh as I read through the passages. The trick is not to rush. If you read a passage that struck you, stop, ponder and pray to God about it. You don’t have to finish all 4 readings a day! I have found this bible reading programme the most edifying of all, and it certainly helps us get to know God much better. Thank God for M’Cheynne’s reading programme.

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