Princeton Seminary

Volume 2: The Majestic Testimony, 1869 - 1929

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Nov 1, 1996


‘This splendid, thoroughly researched, two-volume history of Princeton Seminary reads like a novel. It tells the story of one of the key institutions that shaped the transformation of post-colonial, adolescent America into a world power, and that for the first time made the Christian faith global, carrying it literally to the uttermost ends of the earth. Calhoun has ‘the gift’ , he makes historical characters spring to life. His story is more than the story of a theological seminary; it captures the essence of a whole century and a quarter (1812-1929) of the coming of age of America.’– SAMUEL HUGH MOFFET


Book Description

Here we encounter the great Hodge lineage; the broad scholarship of B. B. Warfield; the brilliance of Geerhardus Vos; the emergence of the young J. Gresham Machen. And through them we are introduced to the army of men they taught, loved, and sent through-out the world to serve Jesus Christ. It is a story which enables us to catch a glimpse of what, under God, scholarship, seminary life and Christian fellowship can be.

But faithfulness to Christ and Scripture may well lead to conflict, as the Princetonians often stressed. One such conflict would eventually divide the faculty itself and cause the loss of some of its brightest stars, as Dr. Calhoun records. He has given us a narrative of joy and sorrow, surprise and disappointment, triumph and sometimes tears. All this and more lies in the story of Princeton Seminary between 1869 and 1929.

This is indeed a ‘majestic testimony’ and it leaves upon us the same conviction that Archibald Alexander’s grandson expressed at the Seminary’s centenary in 1912; ‘If the sort of theology which is taught here should die, and its enemies should grant it a decent burial, like the Lord of Life Himself, it will have a triumphant resurrection. For the Gospel which it teaches is an unconquerable force.’

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Foreword xiii
Preface xvii
1 Faith and Learning 1
2 Jubilee! 27
3 The Hodges: Father and Sons 45
4 Thy Word is Truth 63
5 Evolution and Inspiration 77
6 A Sacred Trust 91
7 The Majestic Testimony 111
8 Cloud of Witnesses 129
9 The Seminary and the College 147
10 Princeton Contra Mundum 171
11 The Faculty of 1902 195
12 J Gresham Machen 219
13 Zealous for the Gospel 237
14 Incarnate Truth 253
15 The Centennial and the New President 273
16 The War Years 293
17 Warfield of Princeton 313
18 Christianity and Liberalism 329
19 A Mighty Battle 345
20 The Banner of Truth 363
21 The End of an Epoch 383
22 The Princeton Theology 399
1 Bibliographical Note 433
2 Biographical Summaries of Faculty 437
Notes 447
Index 531
Both author and publisher are indebted to the Rev. William O. Harris, Librarian for Archives and Special Collections at Princeton Theological Seminary, for the immense help he has given in securing and providing so many of the illustrations in this volume. We could not have had more enthusiastic and generous support.



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