Church Of Rome At The Bar Of History

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Nov 1, 1995


Roman Catholicism

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In all the confusion of the contemporary religious scene, one Church claims to abide changeless in her message and authority. From the first, and through the ages, she claims to stand by one faith. Thus, with Louis XVI, multitudes have seen her as the sure way to paradise: ‘I die,’ said the French king, ‘in union with our Holy mother, the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church which holds its powers uninterrupted from St. Peter.’ ‘I believe in what the Catholic Church holds and teaches,’ declared the Duchess of Kent on her recent conversion.

But, asks William Webster, is this true? And he answers the question not by debating texts of Scripture but by a straight appeal to the very area where the Church of Rome believes her case is strongest, the facts of history. he shows that much which Roman Catholicism now claims as part of her changeless creed was both unknown to the Church Fathers of the early centuries and directly contrary to what they did teach. This very disturbing book is no dry account of minor differences, nor is it a harsh polemic. The author writes with heart-felt interest in the welfare of the men and women who are now in a position which was once his own.

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Introduction ix
1 The Authority of Scripture 1
2 Scripture and Tradition 15
3 Tradition and Roman Catholicism 22
4 The Papacy and the ‘Rock’ of Matthew 16 34
5 Papal Authority and Infallibility: The Test of History 56
6 Marian Dogmas 72
7 Salvation and the Sacramental System 90
8 The Eucharist 117
9 Faith and Justification 133
10 Truth: The Defining Issue 145
1) The Fathers on the Meaning of Tradition and its Relationship to Scripture 155
2) Vatican I and Vatican II on Papal Infallibility 162
3) The Bull Unam Sanctam by Boniface VIII 165
4) Vatican I and Vatican II on Papal Primacy 168
5) Writings of the Fathers on the Meaning of the Rock and Keys of Matthew 174
6) Letter of Gregory the Great to John of Constantinople Objecting to his Adoption of the Title Universal Bishop 184
7) The Official Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on the Person of Mary 187
8) The Fathers on the Real Presence and the Eucharist 191
9) The Fathers on the Eucharistic Sacrifice as not being Propitiatory in Nature but a Memorial of Thanksgiving and Praise 196
10) Thomas Aquinas on the Nature of Faith 200
11) Martin Luther and John Calvin on the Relationship Between Justification and Good Works 202
12) Comments of the Fathers on the Nature of Justification 205
13) The Teaching of the Council of Trent on Justification 208
Notes 215
Index 236


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