George Whitefield

Volume 1: Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the 18th Century Revival

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18th Century, Pastoral Biography



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Oct 1, 1970



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‘Justice has at last been done to the greatest preacher that England has ever produced.’ — D. M. LLOYD-JONES

‘One of the great monumental literary achievements of the 20th century. George Whitefield has come alive for me as I have been reading the book, a few pages at a time each evening.’ — Dr. SHERWOOD E. WIRT

‘…My heart was tremendously stirred as I read it – more than it has been for many, many years.’ — Dr. OSWALD J. SMITH

Book Description

Volume 1 brings the story of George Whitefield, and of the evangelical revival, up to the end of the year 1740. In it we are told in vivid detail how a young man of Gloucester – ‘at 16 a tapster, at 26 the most brilliant and popular preacher the modern world has ever known’ – exercised a ministry of the gospel crammed full of arduous labour and crowned with divine blessing.

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Acknowledgements vii
Foreword ix
On Knowing Whitefield
Spiritual and Moral Conditions in England before the Revival
The Years of Preparation
1 Whitefield’s Ancestry 37
2 George, the Boy of the Bell 43
3 Oxford, the Holy Club and Conversion 61
4 Ordination – Divine and Human 79
The Youthful Ministry
5 Preaching that Startled the Nation 103
6 The Sermons of a Youth 119
7 Lasting Results 131
8 Military Chaplain 143
9 Developments in England 165
10 The Conversion of the Wesleys 179
11 Colonial Missionary 201
The Period of Transition
12 The Offence of the Cross 217
13 Howell Harris 233
14 Into the Open Air 249
15 John Wesley Becomes an Open-air Preacher 271
16 Into the Open Air in London 283
17 John Cennick 299
18 The Beginnings of Wesley’s Movement 307
19 Signs and Wonders 321
20 Whitefield – Right and Wrong 333
21 An Affair de Coeur at Blendon Hall 357
22 Charles Wesley becomes an Open-air Preacher 371
23 The Methodist Movement in 1739 379
24 The Doctrines of Grace 395
25 Religious Conditions in America at the Time of Whitefield’s Arrival 413
26 Making the Acquaintance of America 431
27 A House of Mercy in the Woods of Georgia 445
28 A Proposal of Marriage 465
29 The Spring Tour – Philadelphia and New York 479
30 Whitefield and the American Negro 495
31 The Summer Tour – Charleston and the Surrounding Area 511
32 The Fall Tour – New England 527
33 Contending Against an Unconverted Ministry 547
34 Joy and Sorrow Amid the Harvest 565
Appendix 591



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  1. David J. Harris

    I could not put this book down! Dallimore’s “Life of Whitefield, Vol. 1” begins to take you on the journey of the most inspiring evangelist of the 18th century. From cover to cover, the book chronicles G.W.’s life in such a deeply personal way, that more than once I wished to back in time and watch the scenes unfold myself! But not only does this biography inspire you to know Whitefield, it urges you to be like Whitefield, and share the Gospel with everyone you meet. So it is historically beautiful, but surprisingly practical literature as well. When I read the final page, two thoughts went through my mind: 1) I wanted Whitefield’s quote (“the whole world is my parish”) to be my motto. 2) I cannot wait to read the second volume!

  2. Richard Alan Edwards

    I read these two volumes down in my garage with a straightedge and pen to underline important sections. This book is the greatest book I have ever read since I became a believer in 1971. These two volumes changed my thinking, strengthened my theology, made me realize how important the Great Awakening is. Christians today are similar to those in the national church in Great Britain during the days of Whitefield and Wesley. This should be required reading for every theological school and Bible College in the world. Best book that has ever been written. Soli Geo Gloria.

  3. Adam Swift

    This book was both educational and inspirational. George Whitefield led a Christ-shaped ministry and seemed unstoppable in his commitment to evangelizing to lost souls. The chapters about his journey by ship from England to America was one of the most convicting tales about boldness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    This book also provided a helpful overview of the Reformed foundations of the Great Awakening. Many think the Armenian tradition was the impetus for the great work of revival, but Dallimore has a different tale to tell. This book will help the reader understand the historical background behind the formation of modern Armenianism and also make the reader consider the nature of conversion. A wonderful companion to this book, I think, would be Revival & Revivalism!

    Probably most striking is the pastoral wisdom that can be gained from Whitefield’s patience and grace towards his adversaries. The man was a flood of graciousness and forbearance.

  4. Robert Norman

    This whole book is thrilling and hard to put down. Taking even simple moments from Whitfield’s life, Dallimore successfully draws out the life of Whitfield in eloquent greatness. I really appreciated the attention to detail and even the notes on Whitfield’s flaws too, which made this one of the most realistic biographies that I have ever read. I also appreciated the realism of Dallimore on discussion about the Wesleys which I feel is necessary considering their erroneous doctrine of Perfectionism which seems to be largely overlooked in today’s reformed community.

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