The Life Of Edward Irving

The Fore-Runner of the Charismatic Movement

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Pastoral Biography

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Jun 1, 1983

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The ministry of Edward Irving in London, from its dramatic beginning in 1822 to its tragic close in 1834, when the preacher was only 42, became a talking-point of the 19th Century. And two of the ablest literary figures of the last century, Margaret Oliphant and Thomas Carlyle, ensured that the memory of those remarkable years would not be lost.

Arnold Dallimore, the biographer of George Whitefield, came to the conviction that although much has been written on Irving since Oliphant and Carlyle, there was need for a new popular account. Strangely, the same spiritual issues which were raised by Irving’s ministry have again become prominent in recent years.

The Life of Irving is an easily read and moving story, told with sympathy and honesty. It also seeks to deal accurately with the extraordinary claims which became associated with Irving’s later ministry. Certainly Irving drew the affection of most of the evangelical Christians who knew him. R.M. M’Cheyne, for instance, could write, ‘I look back on him with awe, as on the saints and martyrs of old’. Yet the distinctive features of Irving’s ministry caused considerable alarm among the evangelical churches. The author reveals the reasons why, as well as giving a gripping portrait of this remarkable man.

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Who was Edward Irving and why this Book about him? ix
Acknowledgments xi
A Word on Special Source Material xiii
The Upward-Moving Career
A Happy Boyhood 3
Teen-aged University Student 9
The Hard Road to the Ministry 13
Assistant to Dr. Chalmers 23
The Sudden Burst into Fame 31
Irving’s Reaction to Popularity 39
A Unique Friendship: Irving and Coleridge 45
Marriage 51
Babylon and Infidelity Foredoomed 57
Death Strikes in the Irving Household 65
Irving at his Best – and less than his Best 69
Accused of Heresy – ‘Christ’s Sinful Flesh’ 77
Irving at the Height of his Career 85
The Downward Course
The Gathering Storm 93
‘The gift of tongues’ in Scotland 99
‘The gift of tongues’ in London 109
The Gifts in Action 119
Robert Baxter and ‘The Baptism with Fire’ 129
Dismissed from his Church and Deposed from the Ministry 143
‘The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide’ 153
The Expectancy of Healing, the Continuing Sickness, the Untimely Death 163
Edward Irving: Fore-runner of the Charismatic Movement 173
Notes 181
Index 185



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