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Polycarp of Smyrna

Polycarp of Smyrna

The Man Whose Faith Lasted

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

price $9.00
Avg. Rating


The story of ‘the man whose faith lasted’. 40pp.

Book Cover for 'A Father's Gift'

A Father’s Gift

Lessons from Proverbs

by Kenneth Wingate

price From: $8.50


Lessons from Proverbs’ — ‘wisdom that will prove to be worth its weight in gold in every age and culture.’ 216pp.

burial or cremation

Burial or Cremation

Does it Matter?

by Donald Howard

price From: $2.00
Avg. Rating


Shows that burial alone has the endorsement of God’s Word and reflects vital truth. 32pp.

A Sheep Remembers by David Calhoun
price From: $7.00
Avg. Rating


Endorsements ‘You are holding the last book of a true shepherd who knew what it is to be one of Christ’s sheep. It is a rich, biblical, theological, experiential, devotional meditation on the Twenty-third Psalm, combined with a testimony to God’s faithfulness by a godly pastor and professor who is now at home with his […]

image of the booklet Evangelistic Calvinism

Evangelistic Calvinism

Why the Doctrines of Grace are Good News

by J. Benton

price From: $2.00


Why the Doctrines of Grace are Good News.’ Heart-warming. 32pp.

image of Amos commentary by Harman


The Shepherd Prophet

by Allan M. Harman

price From: $11.00


Book description Coming from a remote area of Judah, and from a farming background, Amos was called to a prophetic ministry to the nation of Israel. His prophetic message was a blend of mercy and judgment, as he challenged an erring nation to seek the Lord. In addition to strong condemnation of errant Israel, Amos […]

From Grief to Glory

From Grief to Glory

Spiritual Journeys of Mourning Parents

by James W. Bruce, III

price From: $6.00


In ‘A Book of Comfort for Grieving Parents’, the author shares the sorrow of his own family’s loss of a child, and that of others such as Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon and John Bunyan. 216pp.

Swift and Beautiful by David Calhoun

Swift and Beautiful

The Amazing Stories of Faithful Missionaries

by David Calhoun

price From: $7.00
Avg. Rating


Book Description In his book, Spiritual Unfolding of Bishop H. C. G. Moule, John Baird wrote, ‘No course of reading is more establishing than that of Christian biography — the battle story of those who in the conflict of earth have been great in the life of God.’ Swift and Beautiful tells the amazing stories […]

Devoted to God's Church by Sinclair Ferguson

Devoted to God’s Church

Core Values for Christian Fellowship

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

price From: $11.00
Avg. Rating


Endorsements ‘Many people “go to church.” Sinclair Ferguson, with his typical gentleness and wisdom, teaches us how to “be the church” as Christ defines it. This simple, clear, and moving book will be great help for people interested in learning more about becoming members of a church. It is also a good tool for those […]

Cover image for Hebrews by Charles Hodge
price From: $10.00


Endorsements ‘Hodge’s method and matter make him doubly useful in commenting. He is singularly clear, and a great promoter of thought…The more we use Hodge the more we value him.’ — C. H. SPURGEON ‘One always turns to Hodge’s commentaries with great confidence, for in him there is that perfect blending of theology, scholarship and […]

cover image for 'God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine' by Iain Wright

God Is Always Better Than We Can Imagine

Thirty-One Meditations on the Greatness of God

by Iain Wright

price From: $7.50
Avg. Rating


Book endorsements ‘Right away as I began reading these devotionals it struck me that they are much like Spurgeon’s, and that for one simple reason: Iain (like Spurgeon) has a mind and heart saturated with the whole content of Scripture.’ — G.I. WILLIAMSON Book Description How much can we know about God? By definition, the […]

cover for Meeting Jesus by R.C. Sproul

Meeting Jesus

The 'I Am' Sayings of Christ

by R. C. Sproul

price From: $5.00
Avg. Rating


Book Description Who is Jesus? Nearly every adult person has formed some opinion of him. These opinions may be superficial, uninformed, or downright heretical. But does it really matter what we think about Jesus? After all, he was a man who lived nearly 2,000 years ago, so how relevant can he be to people in […]

Showing 1–12 of 220 results