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Sickness, Suffering and Scripture by David Leyshon
price $8.10


In 13 short Bible studies, shows what the Christian’s perspective on sickness and suffering ought to be. 96pp.


Preaching Christ

The Heart of Gospel Ministry

by Charles P. McIlvaine

price $7.20


In this address to those entering the ministry, Bishop Charles P. McIlvaine leaves no doubt about ‘The Heart of Gospel Ministry’. 96pp.



A Biblical Perspective

by Eric J. Alexander

price From: $7.00
Avg. Rating


A book for all those who want to live nearer to God and to be refreshed in their communion with him. 104pp.

Book Cover for 'Our Great God and Saviour'
price From: $13.00


Warm and pastorally-directed studies which look at the character of God, the salvation of God and the church of God, and provide satisfying food for the hearts and minds of Christian readers everywhere. 208pp.

Book cover 'One Lord, One Plan, One People'

One Lord, One Plan, One People

A Journey Through The Bible From Genesis To Revelation

by Rodger Crooks

price $16.20


A journey through the Bible, pointing out the main features of each book and focusing on Jesus, the one Lord who is the terminal point of God’s promises. 480pp.

image of the book 'Mysterious Ways' by David Kingdon

Mysterious Ways

The Providence of God in the Life of Joseph

by David P. Kingdon

price $9.90


The Providence of God in the Life of Joseph’. 112pp.

Book cover for 'My God Is True!'

My God Is True!

Lessons Learned Along Cancer's Dark Road

by Paul D. Wolfe

price From: $13.00


One man’s chronicle of the ‘Lessons learned Along Cancer’s Dark Road’. Paul Wolfe points to the glory, grace and — above all — the faithfulness of God. There is reason — even in the midst of suffering — to worship and rejoice. 168pp.

John Knox and the Reformation
price From: $8.00


A collection of two addresses by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and one by Iain H. Murray on the man who was instrumental, under God’s blessing, in transforming the nation of Scotland. 144pp.

John Calvin, Man of God's Word by Peter Barnes

John Calvin, Man of God’s Word

Written and Preached

by Peter Barnes

price $9.00


This brief study is an indication of the debt the church owes to Calvin the theologian, commentator and preacher. 144pp.

Is It Nothing To You?

Is It Nothing To You?

The Unchanging Significance of the Cross

by Frederick Leahy

price $8.10


Subtitled ‘The Unchanging Significance of the Cross,’ this book draws our attention to some of the events surrounding the death of Jesus. 144pp.

I Wish Someone Would Explain Hebrews to Me
price From: $12.15
Avg. Rating


In this straightforward commentary, Olyott gives crystal clear explanations of the text, followed by detailed practical applications. 208pp.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

What Comes After Death?

by Edward Donnelly

price From: $7.00


A moving exposition, marked by biblical realism and pastoral warmth, of the solemn reality of hell and the matchless glory of heaven. 144pp.

Showing 145–156 of 220 results