The following expositions from the Bible cover a variety of books from the bible and therefore cover a broad scope of Christian living. Some of the titles here are more of a topical nature, but most of them cover a large section of scripture and seek to expositionally work through various passages. Classic sermons from preachers such as Robert Murray M’Cheyne, John Calvin, Thomas Watson and D Martyn Lloyd-Jones can be found on this page. Noteworthy titles include The Great Gain of Godliness, Saved by Grace Alone and Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ 14 volume Romans Series.

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Faithful expositions of Psalms 2, 110 and 45, which focus on Christ’s grace, majesty and glory. 120pp.

Book cover for 'Peter: Eye Witness of his Majesty' by Edward A. Donnelly

Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty

As Disciple, Preacher, Pastor

by Edward Donnelly

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How the grace of God moulded the Apostle Peter as a disciple, a preacher, and a pastor. 184pp.

Book Cover for 'Our Great God and Saviour'
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Warm and pastorally-directed studies which look at the character of God, the salvation of God and the church of God, and provide satisfying food for the hearts and minds of Christian readers everywhere. 208pp.

Book Cover for 'No Condemnation In Christ'

No Condemnation In Christ

As Unfolded in the Eighth Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans

by Octavius Winslow

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An exposition which displays the treasures of grace to be found in Romans chapter 8. 400pp.

image of the book 'Mysterious Ways' by David Kingdon

Mysterious Ways

The Providence of God in the Life of Joseph

by David P. Kingdon

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The Providence of God in the Life of Joseph’. 112pp.

Man Overboard! The Story of Jonah

Man Overboard!

The Story of Jonah

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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The story of Jonah — a book about how one man came, through painful experience, to discover the true character of the God he served. 112pp.

The Lord's Prayer by Thomas Watson - Paperback
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This helpful exposition of the Shorter Catechism makes an ideal guide to Christian doctrine and practice and also serves as a wonderful introduction to Puritan literature. 332pp.

The Life of Elijah
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An exposition of Elijah’s ministry with application to the contemporary situation. 320pp.

Jonathan Edwards On Knowing Christ
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A selection of ten of Edwards’ sermons providing a fine sample of the God-centredness of this pastor/theologian’s ministry. 280pp.



A Study in Compassion

by O. Palmer Robertson

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A wonderfully readable study of the grace of God and the twistedness of man’s heart — ‘A Study in Compassion.’ 64pp.

I Wish Someone Would Explain Hebrews to Me
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In this straightforward commentary, Olyott gives crystal clear explanations of the text, followed by detailed practical applications. 208pp.


The ‘I Wills’ Of Christ

Thoughts on Some of the Passages in Which the Words 'I will' are Used by our Lord Jesus Christ

by P. B. Power

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An Exposition on the promises of Christ. It is these promises which form the foundation of all true Christian experience and provide hope, encouragement and challenge in Christian living. 400pp.

Showing 85–96 of 139 results