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This selection includes biblical and reformed books on various theological topics, including many books from the classic Puritan Paperbacks series. These books are both theological and doxological in their exposition of their subjects, as our deep thinking about God should lead us to heartfelt worship of Him. Some notable titles on this page include The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson, The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel, and Confessing the Faith by Chad Van Dixhoorn.

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The Work of the Holy Spirit

An Experimental and Practical View

by Octavius Winslow

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Endorsements ‘This book is well worth reading, … the merits of the study are that it is biblical, usually there are plenty of references to support an assertion, and the book proceeds by exegesis of verses and passages; it is practical, the aim being so to expound the doctrine as to promote the experience; it […]

image of Silent Witnesses by Garry Williams

Silent Witnesses

Lessons on theology, life, and the church from Christians of the past

by Garry J. Williams

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Book Description In this book Garry Williams writes about Christians of the past for Christians of the present. He describes both famous and less well-known figures and movements from church history, from the fourth century through to the twentieth: Augustine of Hippo, the Council of Chalcedon, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Nicholas Ridley, John Calvin, Anne […]

cover image for the True Bounds of Christian Freedom
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The True Bounds of Christian Freedom is a clear, scriptural exposition of the place of the law in the life of the Christian. 224pp.


Jesus Himself

The Story of the Resurrection

by Marcus L. Loane

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A moving study of Jesus’ resurrection and the events that followed it, told with a heart-warming freshness and loveliness. 144pp.


Tratado de Teología

A Body of Divinity

by Thomas Watson

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Book Description Este primer libro publicado por The Banner of Truth Trust en Ingles ha sido uno de sus exitos de libreria, ademas del volumen mas util e influyente de su catalogo a lo largo de los años  Ello se debe a varias razones: EI tema del libro. Trata de las principales verdades doctrinales y practicas […]

The Westminster Confession of Faith
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ENDORSEMENT ‘This edition of the Confession of Faith is what our forefathers would have called a Vade Mecum—literally a “Go with me”—a book small enough to take anywhere, but substantial enough to be useful everywhere.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON DESCRIPTION Agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, with the assistance of commissioners from […]

The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689 - Gift Edition
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Based off of the Westminster Confession of the same century, this confession has served as a major creed for Reformed Baptists.

The History of Providence

The History of Providence

As Manifested in Scripture

by Alexander Carson

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A subject of the deepest interest to the Christian.’ Takes the reader through the Scriptures and points to instances of God’s providence which will provide comfort for all true believers. 264pp.

Christ is Best by Richard Sibbes

Christ is Best

or St. Paul's Straight

by Richard Sibbes

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Endorsement ‘To read the work of a Puritan doctor of the soul is to enter a rich world of spiritual theology to feed the mind, heart-searching analysis to probe the conscience, Christ-centred grace to transform the heart, and wise counsel to direct the life. This series of Pocket Puritans provides all this in miniature, but […]


Vision Cristiana Del Hombre-

Christian View of Man

by J. Gresham Machen

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Book Description La pregunta Qué es el hombre? Que surgio de los Salmos hace muchos siglos, sigue siendo una de las cuestiones más vitals de las que confrontan al hombre de nuestro tiempo. Desconcertado por el progreso tecnologico. Y alienado de las convicciones y estilo de vida de sus antepasados, el hombre moderno ha perdido […]



Liberation - the Gospel of God

by Jim Adams

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Book Description ¿Qué le pasa a mucha de la evangelización de hoy? Está centrada en el ser humano, y no en Dios. Esto se ve en todas las “fases” de la tarea evangelística: en la planificación; en la metodología; en el contenido; en el seguimiento; etc. La consecuencia más obvia de este enfoque antropocéntrico es: […]

The Sufficiency of Scripture by Noel Weeks
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Careful analysis of the biblical teaching on such issues as revelation, translation, creation, prophecy and the role of women in the church. 312pp.

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