Romans 5

Volume 4: Assurance

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Assurance, Salvation





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Dr. Lloyd-Jones saw Romans 5 as a central chapter in the entire letter. Here is Paul’s exposition of the blessings of justification by faith; but here too, the cosmic roots of our salvation are traced back to Christ.

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  Preface xi
1.  One 1
  Analysis of chapters 5-8, showing that the main theme is not sanctification but the certainty of final salvation – chapter 5: 1-11: the consequences of justification – through our Lord Jesus Christ – ‘peace with God’ before ‘the peace of God’  
2.  Two 14
  The manward and Godward sides of ‘peace with God’ – six tests of our justification – peace and assurance – the characteristics of true and false peace  
 3. Three 30
  Access to God – our once-for-ever introduction into the state of grace – its privileges and blessings – the security of our standing – boldness and assurance  
 4. Four 44
  Boasting and exulting in hope – ‘the glory of God’ – glorification and physical resurrection – ‘glory begun below’ – the sense of glory  
 5. Five 59
  The Christian’s reaction to trials contrasted with that of the cults – not resignation-but glorying – understanding God’s purpose in trials – the final result  
 6. Six 74
  Hope leads not to shame but to overcoming – the direct, experimental assurance of God’s love – supporting testimonies – exhortation to seek this knowledge of God’s love  
 7. Seven 89
  The Holy Spirit and assurance – the proof of God’s working within us – ­the guarantee of our perseverance in faith – the evidence of the Spirit’s presence by his work in us  
 8. Eight 102
  Verses 6-8 an exposition of the Father’s love – no conflict with his justice – God’s love commended in relation to the time, the sending and death of Christ and the character of those saved  
9.  Nine 116
  God’s love for sinners – the meaning of ungodliness – the righteous man and the good man – the death of Christ – God’s love the ground of our assurance  
 10. Ten 128
  ‘Much more then’ – salvation past, present and future – Christ’s blood the ground of our justification – the finality of God’s pronouncement of justification  
11.  Eleven 140
  Further argument from the greater to the lesser – objective and subjective aspects of enmity – the necessity of Christ’s death for reconciliation – the security of those who have been grafted into Christ  
 12. Twelve 154
  Glorying in God and causes of not doing so – inadequate understanding of justification by faith – lack of meditation – failure to reason from the Scriptures – self-examination and rejoicing  
 13. Thirteen 169
  New section – connection with preceding verses – linked especially with ‘in his life’ – passage seen as an introduction to chapters 6-8 – the two heads of the human race – the importance of the section  
 14. Fourteen 183
  General analysis of the passage – comparison and contrast of Christ with Adam – the universality of sin and death – the contrary explanations of evolutionary philosophy and the Bible  
 15. Fifteen 198
  The meaning of ‘all have sinned’ – the imputation of Adam’s sin – the parallel with the imputation of Christ’s righteousness – the doctrine of original sin  
 16. Sixteen 213
  Our relationship to Adam – the realistic view and the federal view – the authority of the apostles defended – Adam the type of Christ, the similarities and the differences  
 17. Seventeen 226
  The contrasts between Adam and Christ – wages and the free gift – the certainty and abundance of God’s grace – blessings gained more than Adam lost  
 18. Eighteen 240
  Universalism, the ‘one’ and the ‘many’ – Biblical usage and contextual limits – Paul concerned with the connection, not with numbers – dangers of speculation  
 19. Nineteen 253
  One offence and many offences – condemnation and justification – the reign of death – the gift of righteousness and our reign in life  
 20. Twenty 267
  The judicial effects of Adam’s sin – the judicial effects of Christ’s obedience – our position in Christ, no longer in Adam – the Christian’s assurance in spite of sin  
 21. Twenty-one 281
  The function of the Law – increasing man’s knowledge of sin – convicting of sin – inciting to sin – bringing men to Christ – the necessity for a law-work  
 22. Twenty-two 297
  The superabundance of grace – the source of assurance and joy – man under sin’s dominion – sin’s reign in modem society – sin and death  
 23. Twenty-three 313
  The reign of grace – the activity of grace – the inauguration of the kingdom of grace – grace and righteousness – reverence and boldness  
 24. Twenty-four 326
  The programme of the reign of grace – seen in Biblical history, prophecy and church history – seen in the individual, in the ‘ordo salutis’ – the power of grace  
 25. Twenty-five 341
  The power of the reign of grace – spiritual death and irresistible grace – the powerful work of grace in every part of salvation – indelible grace  
 26. Twenty-six 356
  The munificence of grace – the ultimate victory of grace – the One who makes this reign possible – the triumph of grace in Christ’s Kingship  



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