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Born in the Netherlands, Louis Berkhof graduated from the Calvin Theological Seminary in 1900, and then from Princeton Theological Seminary, earning a B.D. degree. Serving as a pastor and teacher in Michigan, he also wrote 22 books, with Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology serving as his magnum opus. This book, first published in 1934, may be the most important compendium of Reformed theology in the twentieth century, written in a concise style. Other Louis Berkhof books of note include A Summary of Christian Doctrine, an outstanding book for church study groups, with thought-provoking questions to review and Bible passages to memorize at the end of each chapter; and The History of Christian Doctrines, which brilliantly complements Berkhof’s Systematic Theology. That’s because The History of Christian Doctrines shares how the Holy Spirit guided the early Christian church as the Word of God was being interpreted, shared and understood.

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Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof

Systematic Theology

Expanded Edition: including Introductory volume to Systematic Theology

by Louis Berkhof

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Endorsements ‘A model of order, precision, and (relative) brevity…you will not find a better one-volume systematic theology in the Reformed tradition. I re-read Berkhof as much anything else on this list.’ — KEVIN DEYOUNG ‘There are a number of systematic textbooks that have appeared since Louis Berkhof wrote, but nobody, it seems to me, matches […]

A Summary of Christian Doctrine by Louis Berkhof
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Unequalled as a handbook of Christian doctrine, written from an evangelical and reformed viewpoint. Includes questions for review. 192pp.

The History of Christian Doctrines by Louis Berkhof
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Traces the great movements of thought within the church from the apostolic fathers to the last century. 288pp.

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