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Los puritanos

Puritans: Their Origins and Successors

by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Book Description La historia cobra vida cada vez que el Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones aborda un determinado tema o personaje.  Los que le conocieron simplemente como predicador se sorprenderán de la comprensión y el conocimiento que tiene de la historia de la Iglesia {…}.  Estas vistas generales y de conjunto nos presentan al Dr. Lloyd-Jones en […]

Tratado de Teología

A Body of Divinity

by Thomas Watson

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Book Description Este primer libro publicado por The Banner of Truth Trust en Ingles ha sido uno de sus exitos de libreria, ademas del volumen mas util e influyente de su catalogo a lo largo de los años  Ello se debe a varias razones: EI tema del libro. Trata de las principales verdades doctrinales y practicas […]

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Scottish Puritans

2 Volume Set: Select Biographies


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First-hand sources from the 17th century. ‘This is a magnificent two-volume set, calculated to stir the soul and to find a place of honour and affection in every Christian who loves to read the thrilling history of the Scottish church!’—Sinclair B. Ferguson. 568 & 552pp.

Book Cover for 'Memoirs Of Thomas Boston'
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From his deep Christian experience, Boston gave the church one of its most enduring spiritual autobiographies. 576pp.

image of the works of charnock
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AVAILABLE LATE NOVEMBER Book Description There were theological and spiritual giants in the earth in the days of the English Puritans, and Stephen Charnock (1628-80) was prominent among them. His Works present a feast of rich teaching and exposition, characterized throughout by sound theology, profound thought, and an imaginative style. The five volumes now reprinted […]

The Works of Stephen Charnock
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Book Description VOLUME ONE contains a helpful introduction to Charnock’s life and work by James McCosh, and the first eight discourses on The Existence and Attributes of God, opening with A Discourse of Divine Providence, based on 2 Chronicles 16:9. In this Charnock sets forth the doctrine of providence with great clarity, and then applies […]

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Fair Sunshine

Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters

by Jock Purves

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These ‘Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters’, have a lyrical quality and demonstrate the author’s spiritual perception. 208pp.

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To Glorify and Enjoy God provides a comprehensive introduction to the background, history, character and contributions of the Westminster Divines and their Assembly. 352pp.

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A fascinating series of sketches of leaders in the Southern Presbyterian Church between colonial times and 1911 when White wrote. 512pp.

Scots Worthies
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Stirring mini-biographies of the Christian heroes of Scotland from the 1520s to the ‘killing times’ of the 1680s. 672pp.

Makers of Puritan History
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Vividly retold stories of Alexander Henderson, Samuel Rutherford, John Bunyan and Richard Baxter. 248pp.

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