Bible Animals

Lessons on living for God, based on some Bible birds and animals


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Nov 2, 2012

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Book Description

Few children can ignore an inquisitive donkey looking over a gate or the wriggling puppy they meet in the street.

Animal stories also capture their attention, and are usually those with which younger children identify most readily. The description of the animals in Noah’s Ark is surely the one least likely to be forgotten!

Bible Animals (for ages 5+) goes one step further; it uses a collection of animal stories drawn from Scripture, to present important, basic Bible truths. What is sin? Why did Jesus die? Why do bad things sometimes happen? Why is obedience important? These are issues about which positive God-honouring attitudes can be formed in the early years.

Sharing the pages of this original book with your child provides an opportunity to begin laying these vital foundations. An animal picture to colour is provided with each lesson.

Bible Animals is a sequel to A Bible Alphabet and Bible Numbers which are also published by the Trust.


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