The Day God Made

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Nov 30, 2003

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Do Christians today see the Lord’s Day, the Christian Sabbath, as an unattractive, dreary time of legalistic restriction? If so, have they misunderstood the nature of ‘the day God made’? Glen Knecht believes that many have. They have taken what was meant to be ‘a little oasis of greenness, for meditation and rest’, to be an arid period of irksome inactivity, and have rejected a good gift of God which should have been welcomed and used with joy. Knecht sees the day as rooted in Creation and the teaching and example of Christ, as well as in the Ten Commandments. He urges a return to the right use of this ‘little section of time fenced off by God for the restoration and blessing of His people’ as a time in which to meditate, rest, serve others, and grow in understanding of God’s ways and love.



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1 Importance 1
2 Creation 9
3 Commandment 15
4 Christ 23
5 The Condition of Humanity 33
6 Holiness 39
7 Rest 45
8 Others 53
9 Permanence 59
10 Delight 67
11 Service 75
12 Instruction 81
13 Antinomianism 87
14 Consummation 95


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