Letters on Revival

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Mar 30, 2004



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Revival swept throughout the churches of New England and other parts of the United States between 1798 and 1808. These letters of Ebenezer Porter, an eyewitness of the revivals, display two characteristics not always found together: warm zeal to see the church revived, and wise moderation in resisting tendencies to fanaticism.

Porter outlines the characteristics of the revivals he had witnessed, the means used for the conversion of sinners, hindrances to revivals, the exercises of those hopefully converted, and the longer-term effects of the revivals on the churches. He also deals helpfully with new theories that were appearing on the subject of divine influence in the conversion of sinners.

The result is a permanently valuable guide to the nature and effects of revivals of religion.

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  Publisher’s Foreword vii
  Letter One  
  Introduction – the revivals of 1798-1808 – general characteristics of the period 1
  Letter Two  
  Use of means for the conversion of sinners – preaching – method of preaching – doctrines preached – conferences – prayer 12
  Letter Three  
  Hindrances to revivals – exercises of sinners under legal convictions – disorders in revivals 27
  Letter Four  
  Exercises of hopeful converts – their characteristics – their treatment by ministers and other Christians 50
  Letter Five  
  General results of revivals – permanence – practical piety – harmony among Christians – humility in ministers – other good effects in Christians 70
  Letter Six  
  Divine sovereignty – accountability and dependence of sinners – importance of local ministry – wisdom in dealing with the anxious – premature reception of professed converts 85
  Letter Seven  
  Divine influence in the conversion of sinners – new theories controverted – conclusion 118



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