Masters of the English Reformation

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Jun 1, 2005


‘Sir Marcus Loane. . .possesses an acute historical sense and a vivid spiritual perception which combine to illustrate the story he has to tell.’ — TIMOTHY DUDLEY-SMITH

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This book tells the story of the English Reformation. It penetrates behind the facade of political change and acts of Parliament and brings to light the inner movement of the Spirit of God in men of humble heart and heroic faith. Its author believes there was a guiding hand at the helm of the Reformation, and that this divine guidance is most clearly revealed by a detailed study of the life and motives of those who were marked out as leaders of the movement and master of its theology.

The five men chosen for this purpose were the most significant of those who laid down their lives in the cause of the English Reformation. Bilney and Tyndale represent the movement in the reign of Henry VIII; Ridley and Cranmer dominate the study in the reign of Edward VI. The life of Latimer links Bilney with Cranmer and spans the whole period from the early days of conversion in the Halls of Cambridge right on to the triumphant martyrdoms in the fires of Oxford. The forty years, from 1516 to 1556, during which these men found and followed Jesus Christ were the years in which the English Reformation was cradled and nurtured for the glory of God.

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Foreword xi
Author’s Foreword xvii
Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge 1
Magdalen Hall, Oxford; and Cambridge 55
Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge 109
Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge 169
Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge 223
Index 305


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  1. (Rev.) Gregory Montgomery Alfred Blaxland

    As one who sat at the feet of the author & benefited exceptionally & extensively over many years to his wisdom & especially to his command of the history of the English Reformation, I am thankful to testify that I have been humbled to be reminded that although he is no longer with us on this earth, I continue to be enriched by his many writings & especially of this volume.
    (Rev.) Gregory M.A. Blaxland

  2. Matteob

    This is a wonderfully written book which gives really moving portrayals of these five men. The author has an engaging style which shows that he clearly thought very highly of these men. I think this is a book that should be read by every member of the Anglican communion to show just how much was sacrificed for the founding of their church and its articles. On reading this book they may be less inclined to drift away from those Biblical doctrines.

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