Originally published: 1992

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Book Description A man may be known by the company he keeps. Here, Faith Cook introduces us to Samuel Rutherford’s friends, who are called on to give us a fresh look at the man who has long been held in such high affection by Christian people around the world. The days in which Samuel Rutherford […]

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Stories from the author’s own experience for young and old. 64pp.


Historia Del Protestantismo

History Protestantism

by Ricardo Cerni

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Book Description El Protestantismo es uno de los movimientos religiosos e intelectuales más decisivos en la formación de la cultura occidental, tal como la conocemos hoy. Sin embargo, la noción de que se trata simplemente de una corriente religiosa nacida en los albores del siglo XVI, podría conducir a una grave incomprensión del presente del […]

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Three addresses by ‘The Doctor’ at the IFES Conference in 1971, dealing with commitment to the biblical gospel. 80pp.


Price For A People

The Meaning of Christ's Death

by Tom Wells

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The Meaning of Christ’s Death’ is clearly and biblically explained. 168pp.


Sent By Jesus

Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today

by David Broughton Knox

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Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today’, which will encourage those who have obeyed Christ’s call to serve him. 96pp.


Preachers With Power

Four Stalwarts of the South

by Douglas F. Kelly

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The lives of four of the most influential men in a rich period of evangelical history in America (1791–1902)—Daniel Baker, J. H. Thornwell, Benjamin M. Palmer and John L. Girardeau. 224pp.

Calvin's Wisdom

Calvin’s Wisdom

An Anthology Arranged Alphabetically

by J. Graham Miller

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An alphabetical anthology from the Reformer’s writings. 424pp.

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Advice on the best books and how to set about reading them. 32pp.

Life of Principled Obedience
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The essential elements of faithful Christian living. 32pp.

Showing all 10 results